Tuesday, 25 June 2013


It's going to be a sneezy, snuffly, uncomfortable day.  My eyes are itching, as are my ears, my nose is bunged up and I'm feeling yuck.  Hay fever has well and truly struck.
Sadly, several of my children are also suffering.  It seems particularly bad at the moment - people who have never had any problems before are starting to itch and sneeze.  It's most unpleasant.

Yesterday was very cold.  The children didn't even ask if they could go out without their jumpers/cardigans and some put on their light coats/fleeces.  It's lovely and sunny now so I'm hoping that comes with a bit of warmth today.  It doesn't look anything like raining so I think outdoor games is safe today.  Excellent!

Things are hotting up in a different way as i realise that sports day is getting ever closer.  My coordinator time today will be packed with printing out and generally getting stuff ready!  Never ending, it seems!

Better go and get ready - school in half an hour!

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