Saturday 8 June 2013


. . . and I'm still connected.  I had this dread that I'd come down this morning and find that it was all offline again.  However, thank goodness, I didn't.

Today is reports.  Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling reports.  That's why I am on here, blogging, of course!
Us OU types have a word - TAT.  It stands for Tutor marked assignment Avoidance Tactics - what we get up to when we have an assignment to write.  So this weekend it is RAT!  Report Avoidance Tactics.  It's amazing how attractive washing the kitchen floor or swilling round the loo becomes when there are reports to write, suddenly, how one notices the bits on the living room carpet and how one could measure the dust in mms.

But I have a target.  One per hour for as long as my brain holds out.  That will give me a bit of time for playing.  Next week's planning is all done, more or less, so that's off my mind and I have a clear run.

Living Below The Line starts tomorrow.  There's still time to donate!  I believe donations can be made up to the end of June.

AND - here we go - thirty teaching days to go!!


  1. Good luck! Reports are the bane of teaching. Hope next week goes well. Jx

  2. They really are but they're going OK, thanks.

    J x