Wednesday, 12 June 2013


We were lucky yesterday.  It didn't rain.  The year 5s had a dry adventurous activity visit to Harlow.  The children got all their playtimes.  That was good.  In another way it wasn't such a good day but that's all done and past now, so moving on . . .

. . .  today is usually our PPA but not this week do, for once, I have my class first thing.  Lovely!  So that's Reading Revelry, NFER maths test, assembly, ICT and in the afternoon art based around Kandinsky's Concentric Circles.  A nice busy day with plenty to do.

And then staff meeting, during which time I will gaze enviously at my colleagues carelessly swigging their coffee and dream of Friday morning!

And that's today!  Enjoy it!


  1. It is now raining here Joy so I guess it is on its way up to you. Have a good day anyway....

  2. It certainly looks really dismal outside and I am going to take my raincoat into school. Have a good day yourself - shame about the weeding, isn't it? :-)

    J x