Saturday, 29 June 2013


After yesterday's little show of bad-tempered weather, I an very glad that the year 2s had their trip on Thursday.  It would have been miserable for them had they gone yesterday.  Cold (but muggy at times), very wet for much of the time and unremittingly dull!  Having said that, there was a little break in the rain during afternoon play so We took the infants out for play and bang on in-time, down it all came again!  So that was very fortunate.  It doesn't look so wonderful today either, at the moment, but I gather, from my son, that it should stay dry.  I hope that's not just wishful thinking on his part, as he has a barbecue this afternoon.

Apart from that, yesterday was pretty normal.  I was handed my dozen eggs and I have to say they must be pampered hens because the eggs are just huge apart from three little extra ones popped in which are from their newish hens and are titchy.  They're just the right size to make pancakes for one so that's what I am doing for breakfast tomorrow and maybe a couple of other days for dessert.  If you don't have to pay for the eggs, pancakes are very frugal.

There's nothing planned for today that is in any way out of the ordinary.  Fine by me.  I love sitting in front of the PC in the comforting knowledge that the bread is rising close by and that in a few hours the house will be filled with the aroma of freshly baked bread.  I'm not a purist and I get Thermione to do all the kneading.  Until recently I made a 500g of flour batch (one loaf) but recently I have started to double that amount.  Thermione copes and it does save time.  I will have half a loaf and Beth and Alex will have the other one and a half loaves.  All good stuff!

The rest of it is all about filing, cleaning, tidying and the usual stuff.  In three weeks' time it will be nice to be able to do stuff like this during the week for a while.  As always, I have a long list of outstanding chores to do!

The bread is rising and I want another coffee.  Have a great day and a very Happy Birthday to Diane, my blogging friend.

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