Thursday, 27 June 2013


It's stupid o'clock - at least it was when I came down - and my brain's a-buzzing.  So very annoying!  However, I set to and logged into our new Learning Platform, which I introduced to the children yesterday, to see what, if anything, they had managed to do.  I was greeted by a shower of emails so some had managed to make sense of it all and read what I had sent.  Excellent!  I feel a return shower of house points coming over me now!

It's dull outside and it's been raining because the ground is wet.  I'm hoping that it's going to clear up because today our year 2s are off to the seaside.  No, it's not just a jaunt, they have quite a lot of work to do and it is all because they've been doing a project on the seaside.  We're lucky that we live close enough for an educational visit to be a feasible proposition.  So fingers crossed that it brightens up, that the sun shines and that it is pleasantly warm but not baking hot.

As for me - a full day with my class, three cheers.  We're going great guns with our theme and they're working hard at the moment, albeit they are very tired and generally drooping a bit as the year draws to a close.  Today, weather permitting, it is sketching the school building from the top playground.  I must remember to take a photo before school so I can teach them what to be looking for and so on.

Right now I am enjoying my peppermint tea (it's supposed to be energising me!) and waiting for the porridge to cook.  I put it on really low and by the time it has reached simmering point it's done - no need to stir or anything.  It takes a while but it's easy.  Anything for the easy life, that's me!

Seventeen more days!


  1. Hope the weather will be good for your year 2s and for your drawing-of-the-school and my goodness, 17 more days to go - amazing!
    I have a lot of peppermint tea and it really is very refreshing, supposed to be good for the digestion, too. :o)
    Hope everything goes well! S. xxx

  2. Hi, Sonja! Yes, things turned out OK and their sketching was amazing. I was very impressed and doled out house points.
    J x