Thursday, 20 June 2013


What a warm night it was.  I like to be snuggled under my quilt but not last night!  Last night it was on top with the ceiling fan on!  You have to laugh - the day it is announced that we will be getting ten damp, cool summers is so hot I have to sleep on top of the covers!  Mind you - for the last couple of years we have been told to expect a scorching hot summer and it has been quite the opposite so maybe this pronouncement ensures ten lovely summers!

Well, I got the reports done and handed in.  Now I'm full of insecurity about them - they're stupid, they're nonsense, they don't say anything.  I'm the same every year . . .
I just have a few year 2s to administer the phonic screen to and then that's all done too.  I'll get that finished off tomorrow (SEN day) and get the results to the deputy head and tick another thing off my list.  I think the biggie now is the curriculum wheels so I'm going to start on them this weekend so I'm not doing them in a panic at the last minute.  Oh, and getting the internal folder up to date!  And making sure all the assessments are done.  And . . .   < sigh >

Cheaper than Chips has crashed this week, partly, I think, as a reaction to LBTL and partly as a reaction to all the other stuff that's going on right now.  The former is daft because LBTL was fine, not the least bit tricky apart from the caffeine, or lack of.  The latter is understandable, given the way I am and I am being kind to myself here, but I have to get a grip.

Something that is helping me is the chance of some cheap meat.  Not poor meat though.  An acquaintance  popped a message on Fb regarding the need to offload some freezer meat for very good and understandable reasons and I happened to be the first to respond.  I'm very pleased about that!
What I'm not so pleased about is that I had chicken stock in the fridge since Monday and forgot about it.  I'm hoping it's going to be OK - it was strained and covered with a layer of fat so I think it should be.  Diane, do you know?

Well, it's nearly six so I'd better get on and do something with the time.


  1. Reports are troublesome things aren't they. It's a big relief when they are finished. I always thought they were never worth all the time and effort expended. Jx

  2. I still have my old ones. Comments like 'fine', 'fair' 'good' 'excellent' 'could do better' abound.
    If I could do that, I'd have them finished in a couple of hours!

    J x