Tuesday, 4 May 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  I was wrong - the rain didn't start as I was driving over here, it was a few hours later, just as I was prepping dinner and it looks as if it hasn't stopped since.  I'm so glad; the ground was so dry and the poor plants were starting to suffer.

This is what my living room looked like lunch time yesterday.

All that for a couple of days visiting an elderly gentleman.  There are reasons, of course.  The suitcase is obvious, the bag on the right is my tech bag with laptop and leads, the one at the back is my knitting bag and the one on the left is a chill bag as I invariably take bits and bobs over.  This time, there was quite a lot as I had two Hello Fresh meals to transport, plus the usual fruit, veg, yogurt, etc, and a bottle of milk Dad asked me to get.

The knitting bag is one I made for my Mum.  She admired a quilted bag I had made so I made one for her too and she used it as a knitting bag.  When she passed away, Dad didn't want it so I reclaimed it to use for the same purpose.  It's a very satisfying bit of family continuity.

It looks such a lot!  Apart from a bigger suitcase, I won't be taking all that much more for my Southwold holiday, I expect.

Anyway, I'm here after a good drive over.  Dad seems a lot better than last week, thankfully.
He's asked me if I can clear out the front bedroom and remake the bed as one of my brothers is coming down this weekend.  I'm also taking him down for a dental appointment this morning.  The rest of the time will be spent making meals, chatting, reading, knitting, and so on.

It should be a pleasant enough day.  What are your plans?  Have a good one.  xx


  1. I hope you have a lovely time with your Dad. Will you stay on to see your brother?

    It's stopped raining but is still much too windy so I'm changing my day round and will stay in this morning, just pottering, in the hope it eases off and I can get to the garden centre this afternoon. I battled against the wind to put the wheelie bin out but don't fancy trying that with a trolley full of plants and pots! xx

    1. Not this time, I think. It's his time with Dad and they have quite a lot of financial stuff to discuss, him being LPA trustee for finance.

      There's plenty of time for garden centre stuff, isn't there.

  2. Good to hear that your Dad is improving steadily.
    Enjoy your precious time together.

  3. Very glad your Dad is feeling better. Today looks as if it is going to be a brilliant sunny day that is until you turn around and look towards the mountains and see very dark clouds gathering there. Never mind though it isn't chilly at all. Sr P has his first vaccination today... at last! Have a good time with your Dad. Enjoy Amanda x

  4. You'll feel better knowing that your dad is feeling better. I'm having a cup of tea and a sit for half hour... I've earned it this morning as I've just given my kitchen the fright of its life... I've scrubbed every inch of it and had a mahoosive chuck out of clutter. Tony won't recognise the place when he gets home tonight. I'm only hoping I can keep it this tidy

  5. It's very cold here today and as it's been raining hard all night the river is thundering under the bridge.

    I'm glad your Dad has improved, I bet he's really enjoying having first you and then your brother for company and help today. Enjoy your time with him.

  6. Lol,, no travelling light for you! All necessary though, I’m so glad your dad is feeling better, you’re a good daughter. I’m watching it rain, then off to get a few things at the market, still in lockdown here so we go really early, set aside time for people 60 plus. I’m out of fruit and veg, I’ll go for a walk this afternoon rain or shine then I’m cleaning the pantry room, that’s my day, you have a great one!

  7. It's a nice tidy lot. It's easier to not worry so much about what to pack when you're driving (provided there is space in the car). If you're going on a coach trip or something you really have to watch the space!

  8. Thanks very much, everyone. It really is great that Dad's so much better and I will be going home with a much lighter heart this week. xx