Monday 24 May 2021

Monday and the inevitable garden update.

 Good morning!  The day has started lovely and sunny but it did so yesterday and finished off wet and nasty!  Today looks like being the same, sadly, so if I want to allotmentate (and I ought to, see below for the reason), it's going to have to be before midday.

Things are moving on in the garden.

There are loads of buds on the clematis.  It's going to be beautiful this year.
There were lots of flowers on the blueberry but, sadly, very few seem to be producing fruit.  I think the problem is the same as the apple, lack of a companion plant for pollination/fertilisation and I need to get another that flowers at the same time.
The strawberries are doing OK, despite the cold and the rain.  Not as far on as usual but they will be good.
All the blossom - er - helping along seems to have worked with the little apple tree.  It looks as if apples are beginning to develop, doesn't it?  Only a few but, for a first year, I'll be happy with any.

The raspberries are also doing really well - the established canes are growing fast, the one Elaine next door gave me last year has survived its severe pruning and is coming on and the new cane, left over from the allotment, is starting to send out growth.  Excellent.

Yesterday morning was quite busy.
First of all, one of my mums came round to bring me some resources (many thanks) and we had a chat about the way we see the tuition going.  That was nice.

Then I drove out to a little village about twenty minutes or so away to pick up some magazines from someone in a local SW group who is moving and is handing them on.  Loads and loads of them so I have a great source of recipe ideas now.
I decoded to go the way the sat nav told me to go rather than the way I know (I had it on for just the last little bit of the journey with which I was not familiar) and my goodness, didn't it take me all round the houses - all round the country lanes, anyway!  It was an unnecessarily complicated route along delightful country lanes which I don't think I have ever been along despite living here for over thirty years ago and through hamlets I'd never heard of.  Quite a nice drive really.
I came home the easy way, the way I know, on the main road, nice and fast.

While I was there, our conversation was cut short by some huge rain drops so we hastily said goodbye and I drove back through a short but very sharp shower, remembering that I'd left the washing on the line.  Oh, well.  However, back in Chelmsford,. there hadn't been a drop - not then anyway!

And then it did start and it rained on and off most of the afternoon which put the clappers on my allotment plans.  Drat!  Instead, I printed out lots of resources for tuition sessions which resume this week.

So the priority this morning is allotmenting.  It has to be.  It'll be awful muddy, I expect.
This afternoon, tuition starts so I must make sure my tuition bag is in good order and get the resources organised and in folders.  That won't take long.
I'm really looking forward to starting again.  Here's hoping there won't be any more lockdowns to disrupt things again.
And the other thing is that the lateral flow test kit thingy arrived so I must work out how to do it.  I've watched the video clip but it's not the same as doing it myself, is it?

Have a good day and stay dry, be safe and keep smiling.  xx


  1. Hope you get to the allotment before it rains yet again - so fed up with this weather.

    1. IT really is a nuisance right now - we need sunshine and plenty of it. Next week (half term) is predicted to be quite nice so fingers are crossed! xx

  2. Morning Joy :)
    Hope you get done what you want to do in the allotment today. The clematis is looking lovely and holding so much promise of beautiful blooms.
    We were in your part of the world at the weekend visiting hubby's mum, which was so good, as we haven't seen her for ages.
    Hope the tuition goes well when you start up too. Stay safe x

    1. IT was lovely last year but looks to be even better this year.
      Isn't it nice to be able to visit loved ones again. I'm glad you were able to see your m.i.l.

    2. Have a good time with tuition.
      I tutored two children, one on East coast and one on west coast during still doing the one on the west coast...all on FaceTime which has worked well...two hours per week per child. I also worked with two grandsons on FaceTime daily until moving here and now in person. I worked with youngest grand girl in person in Indy until pandemic and then on we are on FaceTime once a my schedule since March has been one child twice a week FaceTime...grand girl once a week FaceTime...two little boys in person as much as we can...did I say I retired??? Lol. Never. The little boys come here almost daily and we do school and p,any games. The elder is on,one most of the day with his gifted school third grade. The younger has just finished virtual kindergarten. He will be at gifted school with brother in fall. Let’s hope this maskless life won’t start the dreaded COVID again and two little fellows can resume life... y granddaughters have all been homeschooled. One graduated Purdue University last week. One will be in third year this fall...the youngest a junior in high school. I am not sure if tuition is the same as tutoring as I do. I set the classes for the FaceTime kids and order the books they need. The grand girls my daughter has done that and we follow those books. It is such fun. I have turned down many because I don’t want to be tied down with other kids than family. Perhaps you might explain what you do I. Tuition.

    3. I have two students with whom I am simply ensuring that they have the skills and the knowledge required for our National Curriculum, I give a boost for things they have found hard and, when appropriate, some pre-experience of certain areas, especially maths.
      The others I am preparing for the specifics of the eleven plus test which they will sit at the end of September.
      I also aim to boost confidence and love of learning and try to help them with any issues at school they want to talk about.
      It's not home schooling and it's not online, it's just a little bit of extra really.