Wednesday, 12 May 2021


 Hi, everyone.  So sorry about yesterday.  I did my SW blog and then had to do some home stuff followed by an early shop.  Then I just forgot I hadn't posted anything here.  Doh!

I went to M&S and to Aldi to get all sorts of bits and bobs.  I love M&S fruit and veg; it seems to stay good much longer than anywhere else so there's loads less waste which is good.  Mind you, now they collect food waste and turn it into compost, I don't feel nearly so guilty and also the level in my compost bin has dropped so I'm able to pop veg peelings, etc, in there again.   It's one of those bins that has a sort of 'door' at the bottom where you can dig out the older composted stuff and, for a while, that leaves a 'cave' before the whole lot drops down. 
I also found a bottled sauce I wanted and various other bits and bobs plus some cash back.
On to Aldi and, for someone who didn't have a lot on her list, I managed to get quite a lot!  It was mostly non-perishables though.

I had planned to go on to the allotment later in the morning but it started looking very doubtful and then started raining.  It showered on and off for quite a while so I'm afraid the allotment just didn't get done.  I really do have to do the mowing before the holiday though even if the weeds have a field day!

I spent the rest of the day doing little things.  I worked on my holiday lists and started getting things together.  I planned my meals for next week.  I washed the sheets off Beth's bed (she went home yesterday teatime) so they now need ironing.  I watched a bit of 'The Dig', a film about Sutton Hoo that was free on Netflix over coffee  and I'd like to finish that today.

And I booked more outings.  All being well, I now have booked trips to Orford and Framlingham castles and, on an impulse, I looked up the Adnams site.

When I was in Southold two years ago, I did a tour of the brewery which was extremely interesting and I promised myself that when I came back I'd do a guided tour of the distillery.  To be honest, I didn't think they would be doing tours at the moment but I was wrong, the tours are back on although under more limited conditions (no trips to the cellar because of lack of good ventilation, for example) but there's enough accessible stuff to make a tour and the tasting afterwards is still happening.  The tour I'm going on finished at five and it's just a short walk from my flat which is possibly just as well!!

I have written in the diary to book Sutton Hoo (if possible) on Friday.  The new booking slots come out every Friday for the following week and, fingers crossed, maybe the inside things will be open again.  If not, I'll think about whether I want to plan something else instead, although the walks there are lovely.

I'm going to follow the same 'structure', more or less, each day, I think.
I'll have an early morning walk along the sea front, maybe treating myself to a coffee if any of the stalls are open and getting a paper and any food needed for the day on the way back.
Then a leisurely breakfast and blogging (so they will be a bit later next week) before doing whatever I have planned, taking a picnic lunch with me.  At the moment I have nothing planned for Sunday and Thursday (and Friday, but that's Sutton Hoo day, fingers crossed). 
After that I might put my feet up for a while and go for a walk after dinner or I might go for a walk before dinner and relax afterwards.  It all depends how I feel.
Last time, I dearly loved the walk along the sand to Walberswick and back again and am looking forward to it so much.  I wonder if the little ferry is operating again; if not, I can walk up to the bridge and cross the estuary that way.

Sorry, I'm waffling now - there's a lot buzzing around in my head.  :-)

Today starts with my second vaccine.  I am so glad to be getting that done and dusted and, if I do feel a bit rough, there's time to recover.
Depending on how that goes, I have personal training booked so my fingers are crossed for that.
Then the rest of the day is clear.  I have some washing and ironing to do and I want to start laying out the clothes for packing in the spare room.
Oh, and also, just thought, I want to do some Google Mapping to work out the routes from the flat to wherever I'm going - just so I know!  You know me; I have to know where I'm going and Google Maps is such a blessing.
Ages ago on 'Would I lie to you', Susan Calman had a slot where she said whenever she had to go to a new place, she always went the day before so that she would know where to go on the day.  They thought it was a lie but it was true.  I so related to that!
Maybe, if time permits, I might get the mowing done!  Maybe!

So that's my day.  It all feels a bit bitty but there's stuff that needs doing , I have a List and crossing stuff off will be most satisfying.
Wishing you all a happy day.  xx


  1. Great news about the vaccine and I hope you don't experience any nasty side effects.

    Sutton Hoo is on my list of places to visit one day. I do hope you can get a ticket and if you do, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the place.

    1. Getting a few side effects, nothing all that bad. I'm taking the meds and resting.
      Sutton Hoo is really good. The exhibition, etc, is fascinating.

  2. Good luck with your vaccine today Joy, as you say it's wonderful to get it out of the way. The plans for your holiday sound just perfect. Won't it be good to be out and about with some sort of normality. xx

  3. Thank you the afternoon tea e card - hopefully I shall get back to baking my own real scones soon!
    Just read you got a sticker for your jab?! I feel quite hard done by!

  4. Hope you're feeling well after the vaccine. It was a relief for me to have it done. Mum had her second one today so I'm hoping all will be well with her.

    I hope you share you adventures with us. It's been many years since I've been to Framilingham and Orford Castles. I really enjoyed them especially Framlingham.

    I heard the Sutton Hoo film was really good. I want to watch it but I'm so homesick right now I'm afraid it will just make me cry and I'm doing enough of that as is.

  5. Your time away sounds delightful and I'm really looking forward to reading all about it, as it's an area I've never visited before.
    I like to plan trips carefully as well. This way you'll be able to get the most from your time there. X