Sunday, 9 May 2021


 Morning, all.
Round here, yesterday was dismal with loads of rain although by the time the rain had cleared, it was definitely milder.  It's very mild right now which is a nice change.

It was an extremely lazy day yesterday.  I finished off the cardigan and am pleased with the results.  When I wear it, you will be able to see me a mile off!  I did some kitchen stuff, sorted out a few things I want to take and got some recipes printed out.  Every holiday I have put on quite a lot of weight and I really and truly don't want to do so this time.
I will put things like oats, etc, in measured amounts in little plastic pots rather than take the bigger container - that always works well.

Things are quite late in the garden, presumably because of the cold, but they're coming on all the same.  Here's a few photos.

The new strawberry plants are looking healthy and productive
. . . as are the few I put in last year which are a longer fruiting type.

All the other strawberry plants were at the end of their life really so got composted.
The clematis has suddenly started putting out loads of flower buds.  It's not clear in this photo but there are plenty.
The blueberry has more flowers than it has ever had but whether they are being pollinated is anyone's guess.  I haven't seen many insects around yet.
The autumn fruiting raspberry canes.
The geranium will be a picture in a month or so.
I sorted out the mints as they were terribly root bound and two of the three have obviously liked it.  The apple mint (not photographed) looks less happy but it is starting to send up new growth so it'll be fine.

Today, weather permitting, I'll do a bit of garden stuff and carry on prepping for my holiday - a great part of the fun and I can feel the excitement rising.  Lovely.

Have a great day.  xx


  1. Prepping for holiday is exciting!

  2. Don't forget to add your camera to the list! Enjoy your day x

  3. Isnt it lovely to see everything ursting into life

  4. Christmas and holidays always a danger in weight gaining! It's lovely to look forward to a break after the year we have all had isn't it.

  5. So envious of you having a trip planned. Let us share it with you when you get home!

  6. Thanks, everyone. Exciting times, one way and another. :-)