Tuesday, 18 August 2020


Good morning, everyone.  It's a lovely, cheerful start to the day today with tomatoes and runner beans to pick and bright early sunshine.  Hopefully, it will stay around longer than yesterday's bit of sun did but, even if it doesn't, a bit is a lot better than none at all.

Yesterday, I managed to get the ironing done and I dodged raindrops down at the allotment to pick up some more windfalls.  They are definitely very tasty now, much juicier and wholly good to eat - well, not wholly, it is essential to cut them up and get rid of any manky bits first, but once that's done, they are delicious.

This is what the inside of a redlove apple looks like.

Isn't it pretty?  It stays pink if you cook it too - it's one of those apples that can be used raw or cooked, being sweetish-sharp.
They're not very big yet but should grow through the rest of this month and September.
I came back with about nine, a mixture of  redloves and coxes, all damaged in some way, leaving the ones on the tree to ripen more.

When Jeff turned up, he took a look at the drain, dug out as much sludge as he could manage (a nasty, filthy task, bless him, but at least it was just mud, nothing worse) and said see how it goes.  I will follow that advice but if we get that flooding again I will need to get the professionals in as they have the right equipment.
I was very grateful and tipped him extra.

The evening chat was lovely.  It took a while for us all to get on board but once we'd sorted out screen views, etc, we were well away and it was such fun.  We're missing our meals together but aren't we lucky to have this as a substitute?  I think so.

Today, I have a new student.  I know them, they are the sibling of a former student, and I'm looking forward to the sessions.  After that, it is aquarobics and I'm looking forward to that as well.  The chat with Chris has changed from Tuesday to Wednesday mornings.

I also need to go back to the allotment.  I had left produce for Beth to pick but she's not going to be able to get down there so waste not, want not!
All in all, it should be a very productive day, I think.

Stay safe and well.  xx


  1. Funny you should mention apples I bought some yesterday even though I am not allowed to eat them but I am making cider vinegar.

    1. That's a good idea - must look that up myself as I can see we will have plenty of spare apples.

  2. Interesting - I don't remember ever seeing a redlove apple before. I love the colour and I bet it looks pretty on the plate.

    I hope Jeff has managed to clear the drain for you. He sounds like a real treasure if he can turn his hand to most things.

    1. I hope so too but I guess we will see after the next heavy rain.

      It really is a most attractive apple.

  3. That Apple is absolutely amazing, never seen anything like it. It's good to have a reliable handyman you can call on for odd jobs, I'm lucky to be married to one. Xx