Wednesday, 3 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.

It feels a bit manic in my home right now with things scattered around in heaps for noting and packing!  It's organised chaos but chaos all the same.  I will have to do something about it before tuition as I need the table!

I got my swim yesterday.  Forty five minutes in a pool that was, initially, quite busy but by the time I was half way through it was more or less empty because people were leaving to go to work.  I was home before nine; there early morning swims are great because they don't cut into the day at all really.

Once home I sort of pottered doing this, that and the other.  The parcel arrived.  I tutored a bit.  Then I popped round to Beth's for a chat.  It was a very pleasant day.

Today is exciting.  After nine, I am getting the bus into town to pick up my new, all singing, all dancing hearing aids.  As I think I said last week, technology has moved on considerably in the eight years since my last new aids and these represent a big change for me.  Back to behind the ear ones (better sound both in volume and in clarity) but small, almost invisible behind the ear bits and no ear moulds.  I've never had a pair that don't require having my ear plugged with plastic stuff to make an ear mould before.  All programmed to various settings including live music, recorded music, wind noise, Santa coming down the chimney, goodness knows what else.  And no more batteries bleeping at me as these are rechargeable.  That's the bit I am doubtful of - batteries = security.
We will see!

While I am in town, I will be looking for more of those Harry Potter socks (presents) and I will have another good nosey around M&S too.  Why not, as I am there.

Then it will be home, James, to more holiday organising but no planning as it is all done and dusted for the week.  I want to sort out the freezer, decide which tins and packets I want to take with me (not too many though) and lay out all the clothes, etc, I want to take in the guest room which is all ready for my lovely house minder.

A busy day but a very pleasant one.


  1. Oh, Joy, I wish you every success with the new hearing aids and hope they are all you hope they will be. My friend Henry is profoundly deaf and has never ending problems with his hearing aids but his new ones are blue toothed so his mobile phone goes directly to them.

    I have put my blog back up and this is the link:-;postID=4522352638688823922. If you can just give a comment so I know you are able to read and reply as I am not sure if I have got the settings right.

  2. I was able to get into your account via the old link, and to read, but not to comment. The link you gave me above says I don;t have permission to see your blog.

    My new ones are bluetooth and also loop compatible. I don't have an iPhone yet but when I get one, I will use that feature! You can control the settings from your phone - amazing!

  3. Those hearing aids sound all singing all dancing - a bit different to the ones my great gran used to use which had an enormous and heavy battery pack that she attached to a bra at the front and made everything sag. It had a pink twisted wire leading up to her ear. There was no mistaking you had an hearing aid in those days! It also used to make an awful high pitched noise at times when it oscillated and when we spoke to her she had to keep turning up the volume to hear but then the background noise also increased for her.
    I have piles of clean laundry on our guest bed now but for putting back away after our recent trip! x

  4. My first aids were pretty awful but not like that. They were NHS and gave me headaches. I went private and haven't looked back since, thankful that it is an option for me.