Saturday, 13 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.

Waking up in my parents' spare room feels odd after a week of lakeside views!  I've been spoilt, haven't I?  Never mind, I have a comfy bed, a coffee beside me and the laptop on a pillow.  Very relaxing and idle.

Yesterday turned out very pleasant.  I'd packed just about everything the afternoon before so it was just a case of re-checking everywhere, finishing off and getting the car from the car park to the apartment parking slots to load up.

I left at around ten and it was a very easy drive back on a pleasant, sunny, breezy autumnal day.  I did as I had planned and detoured to Wimpole Hall, a National Trust properly north of Royston.  Last time I was there at the beginning of June, I strolled around the gardens and woodlands so this time I headed straight to the house and had a good look round. 

Wimpole Hall is not a 'magnificent' property but it is interesting and it is very friendly both in the way it is run and in the way it's set out.  There's plenty of information available both in written form and from various people who pounce (nicely) as you enter a room to give you the story of that room.

I particularly like the 'below stairs' part of the property although it's not complete.  They have a fantastic housekeeper's room set out and a beautiful dry good storage room with amazing fitted drawers and chests for things like cloves, tea, etc.  It must have smelled most appetising when it was used.

It also has a library that was a proper library.  The books look used and read and, according to the info available, it is quite famous and special in certain circles.  I'd love to have been able to browse but, of course, they are not to be handled by 'the public'.

After destroying the week's healthy eating with a disgracefully tasty lunch, I finished the journey and now I am here for the weekend.  I rather went bananas (but not with bananas, unfortunately) but I've already mentioned that SW has a conveniently early Saturday morning meeting round here.  I'm off there for 8:30 to discover the worst and draw the proverbial line!

Apart from that, it's the usual Saturday stuff.  I got a lot of both Mum and Dad's and my washing done yesterday afternoon so I just have to finish that and then iron what needs to be ironed. 

After all your encouragement, those of you who commented, I did come home with some new stuff.  I got a hooded long cardigan thingy which is quite thick and will be toasty warm when it gets colder, a new swimming cossie I had my eye on all week and one of those macs that fold up really small and fit in a little bag.  I needed the last because my old one was so huge on me and Alex needed one so I gave that to him (bit big but over a jacket, fine) and have been looking out for another.  I'm pleased with them all and know I'll use them.

Have a great weekend.  I might not post tomorrow, it all depends.  If I don't, I will be back on Monday, for sure.


  1. Have a good day. Hope the weigh in is not as bad as you fear!

  2. Good luck with the weigh in - it might not be as bad as you feared with all the walking and swimming you did.
    I always love the below stairs part of any grand house - they are often very homely places too with the big ranges and scrubbed tables, I find it is easier to connect with these rooms and such lovely old things to see - copper saucepans, earthenware bread crocks and enamel jugs.
    Glad you had a lovely holiday and found some useful items to buy to treat yourself.

  3. Thanks, Sue and Viv. It was three pounds on but I know why. All that salty, fatty, alcoholy stuff yesterday was bound to cause fluid retention on a temporary basis but it'll all be gone by the next meeting.
    And I won the raffle at club, which was nice.


  4. So glad you had a good holiday. Did you have to drive far to your holiday destination from home? I hadn't heard of Wimpole Hall before, is it close to where you live?
    Margaret P

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