Wednesday, 17 October 2018


Good morning.  After a very damp start, things cheered up again yesterday and it was both sunny and mild by the afternoon.  Very autumnal and colourful.

Just before 9:30 I set off for the bus stop where lots of people were already waiting.  'Oh, good,' thought I, ' there must be one on the way.  Dear me, no, there hadn't been one for at least half an hour and I waited another forty minutes before deciding to go back and take the car or I'd not make it in time.

Thankfully, I was in time - just.  Now I have two shiny new pairs of glasses plus the older pairs that would do at a pinch as my sight hadn't changed all that much.

After tuition, Beth turned up for supper and we booked two nights of cheap accommodation (Travelodge) fairly close to the Uni Alex goes to.  So we're off on a Norwich jolly the weekend after this coming one.  I'm turning into a right gadabout!

One place we really want to visit is Strangers Hall, a Tudor merchant's house used as a museum of local history.  It looks absolutely fascinating but is only open on Wednesdays and . . . Sundays!  Perfect.  There are lots of other fascinating places too, packed with interest, so I can see myself coming back a good few times.
And it will be lovely to spend some time with Beth.

Today is another jolly.  AFter popping back into town (by car) for a hearing aid check, I'm off to a friends.  Together we are off to Blake House Craft Centre to browse round 'And Sew On' and I want to find a pattern and some yarn in the lovely wool shop to make something for myself.
Then we're off to the Blue Egg, another centre, for lunch and, most likely, more spending.  I've never been there before so am really looking forward to it.

Then it will be home for tuition!  So a busy day but quite a pleasant one.


  1. I used to do Travelodge but now I'm an Airbnb convert. I've been very lucky so far and have managed to find good quality ensuite accomodation at very cheap prices. It's meant that I can afford many more short break than I thought I'd be able to.

    Norwich is on my list of places to visit so will be interested to hear all about your visit.

  2. What a lovely busy day you had yesterday, Joy.
    I've never visited Norwich, indeed, husband and I have only been in Norfolk once when we stayed with friends (both sadly deceased now) in Great Bircham, which I think is called just Bircham now.
    Strangers Hall sounds an interesting place. I love Tudor merchants' houses. Is it a 'jettied' house similar to those in Totnes and the merchant's house in Plymouth, I wonder?
    Margaret P

  3. We had a bad experience in a Travel Lodge (the beds mainly and mouldy bathrooms) more than once so converted to Premier Inn - they may be a bit more expensive though but so far they have been OK and they usually have their own restaurant for breakfast. Like all these chains some are better run than others - so hope you get a good one. Norwich will be lovely - it is a while since I have been there. My Aunt was in Suffolk until recently and I enjoyed visiting there.
    Public transport I ask you - it is so not reliable - good job you had a back up.
    Have a lovely day.

  4. Sounds like a lovely plan. I used to be unsafe in shoe and bookshops but now I dare not go into a craft shop. I am however safe in shoe shops I look at high heels and wonder how I ever walked around it them.

  5. Have never stayed in a Travel Lodge but we spent one night in a Premier Inn. It was OK, good bed, clean, etc, but one night of all that purple colouring - their corporate colour and it's everywhere - and purple is a colour that needs to be used with care, not splashed all over like the cologne that Henry Cooper used to advertise! But as I say, it was OK for the night.
    Margaret P

  6. Thank you for the lovely comments, everyone.

    Margaret: I gether Norwich is a lovely place to visit with loads to see and do I'll include a link to the Strangers Hall web site in Thursday's post so you can see. I guess I will take loads of photographs!
    Like you, I find Premier Inn very comfortable with wonderful beds and pillows but the most convenient one for the University of East Anglia, where Al studies, is sited in the middle of the city with no parking. Not handy. Beth's stayed at this Travelodge before and she found it OK. All we need is comfy beds, wi-fi and a telly really. We're taking our breakfasts (pot-porridge and some fruit) so that's not an issue.

    Eileen: I've heard of Airbnb and really nought to start looking up about it. I'm glad your experiences have all been good because it seems a very good idea indeed. I'm sure I will do a post or two about Norwich after the weekend (if not during!)

    Viv: Not a nice experience! I agree that Premier Inn is better, plus the have the breakfasts and, usually, somewhere to dine as well. However, there's not one handy where we want to go. I gather there's on right in Norwich, close to the station, with no parking so I could pop up on the train to stay for a couple of days or even see if there's a handy bus. You never know.

    Diane: I know exactly what you mean about shoes except that I always wondered how people coped. It's not just the high heels, spraining your ankles factor, they just look so darn uncomfortable and, as I've always had weak ankles, they have never been an option!


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