Saturday, 6 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  I've just stepped out onto my private balcony (show off?  Moi?) and at the moment it is cool and dry but the stars can't be seen so it must be cloudy and rain is forecast for today so - well, we will see.

It was a good journey.  Busy but always moving with just one holdup for road works.  When I arrived, I was able to unload the car right away, get it back to the car park (close by), walk back and unpack, none of which took all that long.

It may be in a different part of the village but my apartment this time is pretty identical to the one last time, albeit with a different view.

Nice, isn't it!  There's loads of water birds around and very noisy they are too.  There was also a swarm of ladybirds on the white outer walls but if it rains I guess they will stay away.  What I didn't notice last time was that there's an abundance of sweet chestnut trees around.  I might do a bit of foraging, if the many squirrels don't get there first.  Must look up how to cook them - I always get vacu-packed ones.

I went shopping, totally forgetting my vouchers but never mind, I will need to get meat, etc, so I can use them then.  I was going to have a swim but everyone seemed to be heading for the pool so I strolled around instead and then went 'home' for a coffee and then to make dinner.

I shall definitely have a swim this morning.  The pool opens at ten and if the pattern is anything like last time, it's families with littlies there early and the teens and young adults (who take up all the water space playing ball games) turn up much later on.  I'm about five minute's meander away from the pool which is great.

Then, weather permitting, I will go on a little stroll around.  That, with the swimming, should help to counter-balance any gastronomic indulgences I may enjoy.

It's going to be fun!


  1. It sounds like you're in for a wonderfully relaxing break. Enjoy. X

  2. Are you at a centre parc type place?
    Where ever you are it looks very peaceful

  3. Thanks, Jules. I'm sure I will.
    Sue, yes, I'm at the Elveden one. It is amazingly peaceful, especially when you consider how many people there are here.

  4. What a gorgeous view, Joy! Enjoy yourself - I know you will!!! Is this a Center Parcs place? I expect you've said where it is but I must've missed that.
    Margaret P

  5. You mentioned ladybirds I think yesterday must have been the mating day or something I had hundreds flying around the garden and landing on the windows. Your spot looks really lovely so I hope it is all you expected and that you have a lovely relaxing time. There is nothing like a change of scene to lift the spirits.

  6. It is lovely, isn't it, Margaret. It is a Center Parcs holiday village and it's the one at Elveden, near Thetford.

    Interesting that you should have had a visitation of ladybirds too, Diane. Do they have a 'mating day'? I have no idea. Better Google it!