Friday 31 August 2018


Good morning everyone.  Last day of the working week (for most) and last day of the month!  It was gorgeous weather yesterday, warm but not hot, breezy and sunny.  A perfect day for going out and about.

The car survived its MOT, thank goodness, so I am all legal for another year.  There are a few things that need doing but they are not things that affect the MOT so I shall get the car booked in for those some time soon.

Then Jackie and I set off for St Andrew's Church, Greensted and had a really lovely time.  I'll post about it separately another time as I need to go through the photos and edit them first but just to say it is such a peaceful place and we had a thorough look around before sitting on a bench in the graveyard and chatting about this, that and the other.

Once home, we had a late lunch of home made tomato soup and lots more chatter after which Jackie departed before the rush hour.  I then had a nice sit down in between loads of washing (my own this time) until Beth turned up to collect the washing and ironing I did.
Taken last time I had home made tomato soup!

In the evening it was Slimming World and , three cheers, I have lost four pounds so it's a great start.  Here's hoping it continues.

Today is a quieter day.  I have a bit of shopping, a bit of ironing, a bit of housework . . . you get the idea, I am sure.

Just to let you know that if I miss a post over the weekend, it's OK, there's not a problem and will be back in full voice on Monday.  Have a splendid weekend.

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