Sunday 17 June 2018


Good morning, everyone.
It's still somewhat snuffly and pollen-y and my throat and sides ache a bit (coughing and sneezing) but never mind, it's so nice to have continuous fine weather and next week is supposed to be the same.  Lots of allotment watering, by the sound of it.

I gather everything is doing nicely down the lotty.  The leftover tomato plants are now down there and then only thing not doing great is the runner beans which is weird but never mind.  The ones in my garden should be doing great!

I got stacks of washing, drying and ironing done yesterday.  I usually tend to do a load when there's enough to make it sensible but after a week it had really built up.  All done now and airing in the wash room which means when I do get home I can just put it all away and not have to fuss with more washing.

Today I need to get everything out and organised so things are together again.  All the stuff I brought with me has got mixed up and muddled and it will make unpacking a lot easier if I sort everything out rather than just chucking it all in the case.

It's been a nice break but it will also be nice to get back home again.

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