Saturday, 30 June 2018


Good morning. everyone.   It looks like another hot and sunny day is in the offing although the weather forecast presenter muttered something about humidity which would be a bit of a downer.  Now I'm a bit lighter, I'm coping well with the heat but humidity is a different matter entirely!
Well, we will see.

I am happy to announce that one of the Surprise tomatoes has titchy little baby tomatoes now - so obviously fertile.  I suppose then don't all have to be the same, depending on what pollinated them last year, so it will be fun seeing what comes along.

I got a whole load of little jobs done yesterday which was good.  I pottered down to the allotment, noticing thankfully that the hot weather and lack of water has stopped the grass growing so no need to lug the heavy mower into the car and out again at the end of the visit.  I just did a bit of hoeing and weeding and a lot of watering.  Everything's growing well there which is nice, but there are a few outstanding tasks for next week - weeding among the potatoes and thinning out the apples and pears which are fantastic this year.

Today there's nothing much on the list, just the usual things so I shall take it easy and chill as much as possible.   I hope you are able to do the same.


  1. I too am having a pottering day it is nice to just chill a bit and only do the jobs that have to be done.

  2. It's very nice. So much nicer than having to do things because there won't be time during the week. Have a lovely day.

  3. We decided on a day off the gardening today - we went to look around one instead and do some sketching at our favourite garden of Lord Stair at Castle Kennedy just up the road from here. Their gardener was nowhere to be seen either - maybe the hot weather too much for him too.
    Tomatoes sound promising.

  4. Hope you've had a lovely relaxing day x

  5. It seems so churlish to complain about the heat but I wish it would cool down just a little bit!

  6. Viv, that sounds really lovely. I can't sketch - well, I can, anyone can, but I get no pleasure from any results! How lovely for you.
    Eileen, thanks, it's been a relaxing weekend.
    Eloise - totally agree but I gather it will carry on all this week. More watering the allotment, oh, joy! :-)