Wednesday 6 June 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's a dull start but yesterday finished in glorious sunshine so fingers crossed today will too.

Yesterday was packed but enjoyable.  I dealt with the rest of the chicken and now have a bowlful of lovely stock to reduce down and then freeze in smaller portions.  Swimming was great, as was tuition.  Later on, Beth and I were allotment bound and now that bare patch in the middle is no longer bare.  It has pea sticks (and mangetout seeds underground), runner bean seeds at the base of two wigwams and courgettes.  We did plant what was left of the runners I grew at home but Beth trod on one and the other two are feeble specimens so, although we gave them a go, we don't hold out much home.  Now it really does feel like an allotment!  It has raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, apple, pear, plum, chard, mangetout, runner beans, courgettes, potatoes, baby corn and asparagus.  There's a few gaps so I might look in the garden centre to see what they have that could maybe fill those gaps.  We will see!

Afterwards, I took Beth to the Hare to celebrate.  She had a smaller plate macaroni cheese and I had smaller plate nachos which will have done my diet (and bank balance) no good at all but I don't care, followed by two scoops of icecream.  It was lovely.

Today I am staying at home mostly as there's a lot to do preparing for the holiday.  My lovely house minder is all sorted (thanks, S) and I need to get little pots of things I will need as it's self catering - so things like herbs, salt, tea bags, washing up liquid, etc.  I see no reason to buy larger boxes of things I already have in and I do have lots of little pots that I can use so I will.  Today will be the Day of the Long Lists!

I will go to the allotment though.  I will mow the grass (long overdue), sweed round the rhubarb because it's very bad again and concoct a cage to go over the mangetout so the pigeons don't eat the plantlets as soon as they emerge.

Well - better get going, it's nearly eight o'clock and I haven't done a single thing yet.  Dear me! 
Have a great day!


  1. Joy have you seen the idea of filling a plastic straw with salt etc and then heat sealing the ends very useful for small quantities.

  2. No, I haven't, That's a very clever idea indeed, thanks!

  3. ...the allotment sounds absolutely brilliant - what a lovely variety of fruit and veg you have growing in there. Must be so rewarding, and fun, to plant these things, to watch them grown and to then, ultimately, consume them - brilliant!
    No worries re the house-sitting - really looking forward to it and I am so glad you are going to have a holiday, it will do you no end of good.
    Have fun with the Long Lists! :o)
    Love, S. xxx

  4. For salt when we go on a picnic (for that, read your going away, as we've not been away for a long time) I use one of those miniature jam jars that are often provided in cafes and restaurants for jam when you have scones, jam and cream. Having taken one home, I wash it out and its ideal for salt. Years ago I would use the little grey plastic canisters that reels of my 35mm film came in but those have all gone now.
    Margaret P

  5. Hi, S. Thanks for the kind comments and I hope you enjoy the house sitting! :-)
    I love those little jam jars, Margaret, and always take them with me when I leave the cafe! I also have titchy little plastic pots that I used to use for mayo or dressing on my school packed lunches. Very useful.
    As you say, there are no film canisters any more. x