Friday 1 June 2018


Good morning and a Pinch and a Punch for the first of the month.  Margaret, you got there first, lol!
Another dull, misty start to the day.  The sun has to come back at some point!  Surely?  The week after next would work well for me.

Margaret, this youtube clip shows the plank positions.  The first one is what I call the half plank.  It looks easier than it is (for me, anyway!).  I am managing 30 seconds on the half plank (I set my timer) and plan to extend it by a second at a time.  The trouble is, I find it is rather boring but everyone says it is great for core strength and I do need to work on that.

I have to laugh.  The tomatoes are barely outside and the blight warnings start.  I've had three now.  It's a very useful site that sends warning when the conditions are right for blight rather than when blight has been reported but I have never had any quite so early before.  Poor little plants!

Yesterday I was worn out after swimming and aqua so idled the rest of the day away.  I've decided that I must build in rest days as I'm just not having the energy for allotment as well as swimming so today it is just allotment, no swimming.  Tomorrow I can't do a long swim anyway because of an aqua class that starts early (and is always full so I don't get on that one).

Weigh day and I have lost 2 lbs, so I'm pleased and relieved.  Now to keep going!
Have a great day, everyone.


  1. I think so, thanks, Sooze. I was reading some articles in 'My Fitness Pal and one said that one should have every other day 'off' to give the muscles time to repair. I haven't been doing that all the time so maybe I should.