Thursday 28 June 2018


Good morning, everyone!
No sun yet, rather like yesterday morning, but when it breaks through it should be a lovely day - sunny and warm with a gentle breeze to keep the air moving.  That will be good for the infants - it is their sports day this morning.

Yesterday went well.  I pottered around in the morning and did my bit at school in the afternoon.  After tuition, I wasted the rest of the evening watching Star Trek episodes on DVD.  Nice and undemanding.

As someone told me to, I'm being kind to myself this week.  There's a lot going on and I was starting to feel a bit pushed for time so I've cancelled the swimming until next week which gives me a lot more time.  It's odd because I do have the time really, it's just the feeling of being pushed that was getting to me.  It's the old 'one bite at a time' thing - I'm sorting out the food this week (which is going well) and sorting out the exercise next week or whenever.

However did I manage to hold down a very pressured and busy job as well as all the other stuff not that long ago?   I've definitely slowed down since retirement and am developing the mindset of 'if it doesn't get done, no problem'.  I could never have thought like that half a decade ago, I'd have been sacked!  :-)

Yesterday, I pottered round the garden and took some more photos.

 I counted the new buds on the new clematis - ten of them, plus four new flowers.  I rather love the swirly seed heads too.  I'm delighted as I've always managed to kill any clematis I've had before and gave up on them as a garden plant.  Mind you, I'm looking after this one more and it obviously likes where it is!   Fingers crossed that continues.

 The hebe is two years old and is coming along nicely.  I've just moved it near to the clematis (after taking this photo) and between them they really brighten up the end of the garden which is in dappled shade most of the afternoon.

There were a couple of raspberry canes left over from the allotment and I brought them home and stuck them in a pot.  These are autumn fruiting but these come from the bare cane so are summer fruits, just for this year.  A sort of free gift!  They're yellow berries (obviously) and there aren't many but there will be more come the autumn.  I reckon these two will be ready next week and will be 'pick'n'eat' fruit

With retirement came a greater interest in things home-horticultural and, three years in, I need a sort of annual diary of what to do and when so I've started one and keep adding to it.  There's two columns, one for garden and one for allotment, and the idea is that Beth and I don't get caught out.  So, for example, next month for the garden says 'Deadhead hebe to encourage side shoots' and for the allotment it says 'Thin apples and pears after June drop.  Start pegging down strawberry runners'.

Fingers crossed it works.

I've had Virgin TV for a very long time ago and they now need to replace my geriatric box with a nice, swish, whizz one that does everything but turn somersaults around the living room by the sound of it.  I'm looking forward to being able to access things like iPlayer and Youtube via my TV and can then do the Yoga with Adriene exercises that someone recommended.  They're delivering the new box next Tuesday and might be connecting it up; I'm not totally sure about that last.  Fingers crossed.
My only concern is that my TV is modern enough but if it isn't, what's the point of living well within my means and saving the excess if I can't get a new telly now and again when needed?  :-)

Today Alex is coming over for lunch so I'm very much looking forward to that.  Then there's tuition (last of the week).  That's about it really apart from the usual housework, washing, ironing, etc.  I might do a bit of sweeping in the garden and I have to water down the allotment, of course.

I've rambled today - sorry! 
This blog can be a bit like a pensieve. 
As Dumbledore said, "I use the Pensieve. One simply siphons the excess thoughts from one's mind, pours them into the basin, and examines them at one's leisure. It becomes easier to spot patterns and links, you understand, when they are in this form." 
Very helpful it is too!

Have a super day and enjoy the gorgeous weather.


  1. Have you started rewatching the Doctor Who series yet? I'm slowly working my way through them and enjoying them just as much as the first time.

    I love the Dumbledore quote and agree that it does describe blogging ... well the posts I write anyway!

  2. Yes, I have. I'm really enjoying them too and, after the new box is installed, maybe I can watch them on telly rather than on the PCV. Much more comfortable. :-)
    It's a good quote, isn't it? Everyone needs some sort of pensieve.

  3. Hi there - I have found your blog through the sidebar on someone elses and just leaving a comment to say hi and how much I have enjoyed reading about your day to day life (my favourite kind of blogs) especially as you seem to like gardening too which is a passion of mine. As I have just handed in my notice at work and at a point where I am deciding whether or not to continue working or retire your blog has appeared in my life just at the right time and will possibly give me an insight into the life of retirement! Viv

  4. Lovely garden to potter in. I'm glad you're being kind to yourself. Sometimes we have to take a step back from life and do what's good for us, not what we think we should do.

  5. You sound like me, hating being programmed.
    After years of following timetables, school holidays, etc it must be wonderful to allow yourself time to wander, either mentally or physically.
    I found that even signing up to things I really wanted to do like Art classes could make me feel quite anxious that I was being boxed in.
    Ten years on we still tend to “work” a 9-5 day during the week.

  6. Star Trek? STAR TREK?
    Oh, dear girl, I'd rathe watch a patch of paint dry!
    Only joking and I hope the new box for your tv will be a wonderful box of new tricks.
    Your plants look am-az-ing!
    Margaret P

  7. What a lovely lot of comments. Thank you, everyone! I'll answer them one by one.

    Viv - a warm welcome to you. I'm delighted that you like the inconsequential ramblings in here. If you haven't already and would like to, please do find the 'follow' button and - er - follow! :-)
    I resisted retirement but it is fantastic now. I love it.

    Sharon - great advice, many thanks.

    Sue - you're right, it IS wonderful, even though I still occasionally have pangs of guilt (isn't that ridiculous!) at having such a self-directed life.
    Just being able to say 'not this week' is a joyous experience.

    Margaret - yes, Star Trek. Next Gen to be accurate. I'm so enjoying them. I have the boxed sets of Deep Space Nine and Voyager waiting as well, all borrowed from my son so I will have to give them back at some point. Thank you for your kind comment about the garden - I get a good deal of pleasure and satisfaction from it. Lovely