Wednesday 27 June 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Apologies for the bad mood yesterday.  I'm glad I didn't inflict it on you in a post.

I stomped into the kitchen, did some clearing up, made the dinner I should have made Monday so as not to waste the ingredients and chilled it so that's tonight's dinner.  I couldn't have it yesterday as Beth was over for dinner and it isn't vegetarian.

Then I sorted out some paperwork, did some washing and various other stuff I'd been avoiding and by the time that was done it was time to look through my tuition planning.  I'm still quite cross with myself but, apart from that, feeling a lot better.

In the evening, Beth and I went to the allotment to water.  There was a breeze; it was refreshingly shady, cool and very calming.  Beth took a few photos.

And then we shared the first raspberry.  No, it wasn't quite ripe enough and yes, it was delicious all the same!  They're new plants and actually autumn flowering ones but there's fruit on the canes we planted just for this year.  After then, the canes will be cut back to ground level in February or March as autumn fruiting ones produce on that year's growth.

There's not much to do at the moment apart from keeping the grass and the weeds down, watering and thinning out the fruit on the trees (we've not had that problem before!).

 The bare patch is where we planted the asparagus.  Only three of the ten plants came up which is a bit annoying.  We'll get some more in the early new year and give them another go.  You can just see the three wisps of asparagus fern if you look carefully.

 Small but growing!  We're very pleased at the way it's all coming on, even if it's a bit late.

The potatoes and the baby corn both look healthy and we only lost one corn plant when we planted them out.

Today I'm doing a bit in the garden, planning, helping at school and generally chilling while I have a good think about the way things are going (or not going).  The sun has gone away and it's feeling quite cool.  I wonder if we're due some rain.  The garden could do with a good soaking.

And I'm remembering to breathe . . .


  1. I'm glad you're feeling a bit brighter today Joy. Do keep breathing.
    No let up here yet in the weather. It's going to be another scorcher of a day. X

  2. Have never commented on a blog before, but feel the need. Whatever you are fretting over, try to imagine it happening to a friend, and what advice you would give them. Would you be unkind or cross with them? Probably not, so cut yourself some slack, and remember tomorrow is another day. Think about how far you have come. And I will try to take my own advice too. I enjoy your daily cheerfulness. Ann T x

  3. Remembering to breathe is always a good plan!

  4. You sound stressed so I hope that whatever ii is that's on your mind is soon resolved. Sending virtual {{hugs}} xx

  5. What a lot of wonderful produce, Joy!
    Sorry you had a bad mood yesterday. I can safely say I've never been given to 'moods'. I'm always the same (a pain in the whatsit, no doubt, for others!) The only thing I don't like is a long period of dark, dull weather, and then I get fed up but I wouldn't call it a 'mood'. And even when things that go wrong, as the sometimes do, it doesn't make me 'moody' and I can't bear people who sulk, I think it's an indulgence they should've grown out of in childhood. But we can't help our natures, can we, and if you felt down or moody yesterday, glad you have bucked up today.
    Meanwhile, I'm having a blitz on the house (well, the kitchen and sitting room, I can't do all the cleaning in one day) and right now I'm "taking five" as session musicians say. With coffee, of course.
    Margaret P

  6. Thanks, everyone. Sometimes I can be rather too hard on myself and your lovely, supportive comments have cheered me up no end.

    Ann - it's lovely to have you commenting and I'm thrilled that you like my posts, thank you.

    Margaret, I'm not known for 'moods', neither online nor in real life. Perhaps 'bad mood' was not the appropriate term - I was deeply unhappy about something. It was an unusual response to something specific, and certainly not a sulk. Can't say any further because some of it is not my story to tell.

    Hopefully that clarifies a bit.

  7. Glad today is better. Things are coming along lovely. It's great when the harvest starts to come in!