Monday 4 June 2018


Good morning!  Back to normal in households all round the country as the children go back to school after half term.  I'm glad they didn't have too many dull, damp days in their holiday.  Bank holiday weekend was lovely and so was this weekend as well.  BBC weather indicated that the fine weather is going to continue for some days to come, which is good.

Yesterday was great with Jen here all day and Beth round for lunch.  I now feel thoroughly rested and have some plans for going to Jen's using my bus pass.  I'm not using the pass and I really ought to.  In fact, actually using a bus will be an adventure (does that sound pathetic?) as I always use my car.

I took a few photos around the garden.
Here's the clematis I bought and planted out yesterday, looking happier (actually I have tied the flowers up so they look better) and it's not wilting - yet.  There are several buds that should open in the next weeks.  The compost bin is to the left and the bright flowers really do draw the eye away from it.

(the one right at the bottom is the instruction tag that is coated and therefore waterproof so I thought I'd just leave it there for now)

Look at these - autumn fruiting raspberries.  Yes, they are, really, it's just that the new canes which would normally be cut down to ground level, have leafed and fruited so I should get a small double crop this year.  Next year all the canes will be cut right back Feb/March so it really will just be autumn.

And here's a upstart baby strawberry with ideas above its status, looking to get ahead by sending out an early runner.

And, see, I will have tomatoes - the four in the large pot are Gardener's Delight and the single is a self seeded Sungold so I'm not really sure what it will do but it's worth a go - never say no to a freebie.

Today starts with a visit to the allotment followed by a stint in school before tuition.  After that, I have a basket of ironing to get done while watching telly.  Busy but very pleasant and satisfying.  I really hope to get the forking and clearing finished today so that Beth and I can plant the courgettes and sow the mange touts, etc, tomorrow evening.

Well, I'd better get going.  Have my bath and get dressed before loading the car, having breakfast and making tracks to the allotment.  It's a good life!


  1. Beautiful flower photos! I have a few in my garden, but not that pretty.

  2. It's very pretty, isn't it. Eye catching. I hope I can keep it alive and thriving!

  3. The clematis is beautiful. Stunning flowers. Lily wants to paint our strawberries! Clearly they haven't ripened yet. X

  4. Ah, bless her. A shame that doesn't work, isn't it?

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