Saturday 23 June 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's still sunny, still gorgeous out there.  Yesterday never got too hot and most of it was most enjoyable one way and another.

Today it is allotment, school fair and then a friend is coming over.  Nothing stressful, nothing unpleasant, nothing worrying.  Should be a good day.

Holiday:  The heart of the holiday village is the village centre which has a little supermarket, plenty of eating houses, a sweet shop, gift shop, swimming shop, etc.  It also has the sports centre and pool and a very pretty (artificial) stream running through it and down to the lake.  I've been a teacher too long to feel comfortable about taking random photos of other people's children (you can't take the teacher out of the girl) so I didn't take too many photos in the village centre but here's a few.


  1. I also take care not to include childen, indeed people, in close up on any photos I take (I mean those I do not know) especially children. This is difficult when you sometimes wish to photograph your own grandchild such as at his 5th birthday party to which he had invited his Reception class at school, and it was in a local village hall. Similarly, at their summer country fair that the school holds, but when that happens, I just take long shots of the field and stalls.
    Lovely photos, Joy!
    Margaret P

  2. You have to be so very careful nowadays. I think we're wise, whatever our personal feelings are.

    Have you sorted your blog issue out, Margaret. I do hope so: you are missed.

  3. Hello, Joy, and yes, I have been able to sort out the blog probs, and it's up and running again. I have done my 3rd post today. I meant to email you, but I couldn't find your message you sent via the contact me form, but I hoped you would look in nonetheless. I hope you will now do so. It's been a lovely day, we've been in the garden … well, in the summerhouse really, watching the footy, but had our meals at the garden table. I'm not as into gardening as you are and we don't have an allotment, but I can understand your enthusiasm for gardening. I reckon you are a lot younger than me, especially if you still have parents alive, so perhaps retired from teaching early. I have osteo arthritis, so find bending down to do gardening quite difficult although I do try but my task is usually clearing up things, dead-heading and always planting the pots with spring bulbs in the autumn.
    Margaret P

  4. I've caught up with your blog now - I love your photos so much!
    I don't know how old you are, of course, but I'm 66 and my parents are 89 and 90. I stayed on a year beyond my retirement age (which was something like 62 years and 4 months) but decided I wasn't really doing the job properly any more - or maybe I was getting too cynical about all the changes that didn't work the time before either.
    It was lovely down the allotment this afternoon (Sunday) and Beth and I started planning how it's going to look next year, moving everything around a bit.