Thursday 7 June 2018


Good morning!  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I - I am sneezing my head off.  Goodness, the hay fever is bad at the moment.  It'll ease soon as I've just taken my meds!  Fortunately, it doesn't last for long - by the middle of July it will have stopped.  Some unlucky folk have reactions for a lot longer.

I got loads done yesterday.  Call me over-organised, if you want, but I have all my meal plans sorted, all the stuff I need for those meals measured out and ready to take and a shopping list for the fresh stuff too.  I'm not shopping at the supermarket there, it's shockingly expensive!

I popped down to the allotment, mowed the grass (about time too) and then concocted a cage frame for the mangetout.  We haven't forgotten last year when we turned up one morning to find that all the little shoots that had been growing so bravely had been pecked off by pigeons, horrible things.  Not this year!
I didn't put the netting over because it's not needed yet but also because it really needs two pairs of hands.
Then I gave everything a good water which takes ages but has to be done.  I'm wondering whether I should invest in a bigger watering can or two.

Here's the cage skeleton!  Those corner things are very useful for this sort of thing.

And here's that empty patch, now planted up.  I know it still looks a bit bare but wait until the courgettes start to spread and the runners climb up the wigwams!  Beside the two wigwams we are planting the cucumber so that will be another wigwam!

Today is packing day.  It's a bit complicated as I'm away for the weekend, then off on holiday, then back to the same place for the next weekend.  Loadsa packing and sorting to be done so I have today clear for just that and getting everything ready so tomorrow I just have to bung everything in the car and set off.  I also need to micro-plan my route as I'm such a worrier!

Time to go and pick the breakfast strawberries (it's such a hard life!) so I will stop waffling and get started.  Have a good day and enjoy the lovely weather.


  1. Have a very happy holiday with a good amount of sunshine.
    I'm a bear of little brain so can't remember where you are going!
    We are packing this morning, heading for the Yorkshire Dales.
    So far our weather hasn't been great but we are having a lovely holiday.

  2. The allotment looks great have a really great holiday

  3. Just to Center Parcs, Elvedon. Swimming every morning and gentle walking in the afternoons (assuming nice weather) with lovely lazy evenings reading, sewing or knitting and enjoying the view. Have a lovely holiday in Yorkshire; it's a beautiful part of the world.

    Thanks, Diane. It's a bit sparse looking just now but things need space to grow and it won't be long!

  4. The allotment looks good, your and Beth's work will pay off with loads of lovely food.

    Enjoy Center Parcs, we love it there, have been to the Elvedon one twice. We've just booked a last minute holiday, a caravan in Devon, and we'll be taking all our own food much cheaper, and doing a menu plan and even prepping some meals beforehand means there's no expensive eating out or me having to worry about what to cook.

    As for you being organised - well Joy, you're an ex-teacher (well, you still are one actually) so you're bound to be. My SiL is also a retired teacher and is the most organised lady I know!

  5. Devon is gorgeous. My ex's parents lived there, in Ilfracombe, so we had ready made holidays for a while. You sounds very organised too - it helps with enjoying the whole experience, I think.
    I think you are right, teachers do tend to be organised. It's a survival thing. :-) xxx

  6. I've never been to Center Parcs, it's never really appealed to me. I've walked around the one at Longleat, but that's the closest I've got.

    I think the need to organise is very much a teacher thing - I'm planning my holiday and sorting out the routes from A to B, and it's not until August! Hope you have a lovely time x

  7. I had to smile at your plans, Eileen - so like me!
    I've always loved Center Parcs but I've never been on my own, so in a way it will be a new experience. Looking forward to the swimming and walking. x