Monday 18 June 2018


Good morning, everyone.  After a very dull and occasionally wet day yesterday, it is really too soon to say what  today might be like so fingers crossed!

Reading the Sunday Times yesterday, I discovered that iPlayer is showing all - yes ALL - the Doctor Who programmes from the start of the 2005 revival to now and they will be available for five months!.  That's my summer viewing sorted, isn't it?  How brilliant is that?

Yesterday was very quiet, very gentle, a sleepy sort of day really.  I finished off my ironing and then watched a Miss Marple on the telly.  It wasn't the Joan Hickson ones, it was an ITV production and, if I didn't know the title and recognised one or two of the characters' names, I'd never have known.
Why?  Why take an author's name and book title and then change the plot so hugely that it is virtually unrecognisable?  It was actually quite enjoyable in its own way as a story but Agatha Christie/ Miss Marple it most certainly was NOT!
There is no-one to beat Joan Hickson when it comes to being Miss Marple and the BBC versions are supreme!

The other thing I did was look at the forthcoming week's schedule (busy, busy, busy) and then go on Amazon to buy a new cable - two new cables, in fact - for the laptop.  They're arriving today, or should be anyway.

Today I travel home after breakfast, unpack, tidy, deal with any post, etc, and then do some planning.  This afternoon I am looking at my re-written will and then it is tuition before dinner.  There's not a lot of spare time so I'm glad I did all my washing, etc, over the weekend.
Hoping your day goes well too.


  1. Welcome back, Joy. I agree about Joan Hickson, she was Miss Marple personified and puts everyone else in the shade. As does David Suchet as Poirot.

    I liked David Tennant and Matt Smith as Doctors, Christopher Eccleston was so brief in the role he hardly made an impression on me. Not keen on Peter Capaldi at all. It will be interesting to see how Jodie Whittaker does.

  2. Hi, Sooze, thank you.
    Suchet's Poirot is also incomparable, I agree. Real depth of acting.
    Christ Eccleston is my favourite - he did so well with the new series and really established it. I'm very sorry it didn't work well for him. I'm looking forward to the new series with keen anticipation.

  3. Enjoy your busy day Joy, and I hope your cables turn up. My daughter has just started watching the Doctor Who programmes too. I gave up watching after David Tennant finished. X

  4. I've loved them all in their different ways although I found some of the Matt Smith plots really hard to follow until I watched then several times (oh, the hardship).

  5. Welcome back, Joy, just as my own blog is having problems! Trying to get this fixed.
    Dr Who? I'm old enough to remember the first broadcase in 1962 or 1963 (can't quite remember which) with William Hartnell. Never liked it then and don't watch it now, ha ha! Life's too short for Dr Who (and a lot of other stuff on t'telly, too!) I saw the first University Challenge too, with dear old Bamber Gasgoigne and when they say "University Challenge, reading the questions …" husband and I still expect the voice to say "Bamber Gascoigne" even though Paxo has possibly done this for even longer than Bamber.
    I love the Joan Hickson Miss Marple films … she is the quintessential Miss Marple to me; no other actress (well, females are called actors these days, but that still indicates males to me) can come anywhere close … Hickson had 'class' (if only I could define what that was!), and a brain of course, and smart in that classic country-lady-smart way, with her polished leather bag and sensible shoes and a little felt hat.
    Safe journey home from wherever you are.
    Hope to be back blogging myself again soon,
    All good wishes,
    Margaret P

  6. Hi, Margaret. Thanks, I had a lovely time and a very easy journey home. I also remember the first ever Doctor Who episode - they repeated it the following week, didn't they. My brothers and I were addicted right from the start and one of them really did hide behind the settee when the Daleks came on.
    I'm sorry to read you've had blogging hassles - hopefully that will all be sorted soon.