Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's another breezy, dull start to the day like yesterday, which ended up hot and sunny.  Fingers crossed for today although a little cooler would be better.

I got the shopping done good and early using a list and I didn't need all that much really.  I did impulse buy one thing - they had watermelons for £1.50 which seemed good value, given the size.  Anyway, I love watermelon and it's not too calorific.

At lunchtime I met Jackie at Lathcoats Farm.  It was busy but they have hugely improved their parking facilities so there was plenty of space.  I resolved a food 'dilemma' by getting a child's jacket potato half, no butter, but with tuna and mayo.  It may have been labelled as a child's portion but it was just perfect and very delicious.  Conscience appeased, we went to the field and picked strawberries that were beautiful.  Ripe, large and fragrant.  When I went shopping I bought some jam sugar and this morning guess what I will be doing!

Their redcurrants were ready for picking too and I might very well go back in a few days and pick some as well as more strawberries.

Then it was home for tuition followed by dinner with lovely water melon which we all love.

They were the good parts of the day.

The bad part is that I dropped my Kindle in the bath (serves me right too) and it wouldn't restart.

The best part of all is that after a day resting in the airing cupboard, it started again.  More than I deserve but phew.

Today starts with strawberry jam, moves along to allotment, then nanny helping in school and, finally, tuition which is all planned and ready.  I might do a bit of washing as well, depending on whether it is drying weather or not.  The strawberries have been prepped and are now sitting in the pan with the jam sugar to firm them up before starting the actual jamming while the jars are in the dishwasher.  I love jamming!


  1. Have a lovely day making your jam

  2. Fingers crossed the strawb jam sets - have fun!

  3. It can be dodgy, setting strawberry jam but I'm a belt and braces girl. I use jam sugar and lemon juice and also a little trick I discovered for myself. I do the usual macerating (nearly finished that bit right now). Then I slowly heat it up until the sugar has all dissolved and it's just on the edge of starting to boil. Then, instead of bringing to a boil, I take it off the heat and let it cool for a while. Then re-heat and boil to setting point as usual. It seems to work for every jam and I never have trouble with setting. No idea why it works but it does.
    Thanks, Diane and Sue.

  4. ..... and that's why I don't take my kindle in the bathroom! Glad to hear that you managed to dry it out and get it working again.

  5. I really shouldn't, should I. I didn't this morning but I doubt that will last long. I like to read in the bath!!!
    I thought I might have a problem this morning when it needed recharging but it's OK.
    I was very lucky! :-)

  6. So glad your Kindle has survived - that is amazing, but really good!
    The strawberry jam will be absolutely wonderful, I am sure.
    Love, S. xxx

  7. Amazing is exactly the right word, S. Incredible really. It's been fine all day too. :-)