Friday 8 June 2018


Good morning.  Welcome to what looks like being a pleasant, sunny day.

Yesterday was very busy, busier than it needed to be as it turns out because I had a phone call from the hospital to say that they've changed my appointment to later in the afternoon instead of the morning so I won't be leaving for Letchworth until Saturday, the reason being that there's no way I am doing that run through the rush hour and after that it will me3ss my parents' dinner times and arrangements up so no, better go early Saturday morning.

I shall have everything ready to load up and, actually, it does give me a bit more time to get sorted so it's not too bad really.

I pottered in the garden a bit and now the tomatoes are in their for ever homes with four to go down the allotment if Beth gets round to it.  After all the 'anguish', I have ten Sungold plants, three of which are self seeded so I don't know how they will do, and four Gardeners Delights which are looking very happy.  So I guess I won't go short of tomatoes!  Next year I will get organised much earlier but I guess I had a bit of an excuse this year!

Today I will be 'organising' the clothes for two weekends and a holiday away.  Thankfully, what with stuff I can now get into and stuff I have bought, I do have enough, providing I do a wash on Sunday and another when I get back to Letchworth after the holiday.  I'm wearing 'tatty olds' for most of today.  I'll change my sheets and get them washed, dried and ironed so I won't have them to cope with as well on my return, and I will get tuition for a week on Monday sorted and off my mind.  Then I think my conscience will be as clear as it's ever going to be.  :-)
Then there's the house to tidy before my lovely cleaner turns up and gets it all ready.

Well, it is after seven so I'd better get the day started with breakfast and then a bath and hair wash.   I shall be taking my laptop with me and fingers crossed the connection works at Elveden!

Have a great day.


  1. Have a lovely time at CP, Joy - I'm sure you will. I know it's expensive there (we like the Aqua Sana which is very expensive, sadly), but the free pool and lovely walks do make up for that a bit don't they? People watching is always good too, I find!

  2. Hope you have a lovely time away and that the weather stays kind for you. x

  3. Sooze, I've never used the Aqua Sana but am very close to it. What sort of things do you do there?
    I plan to swim in the morning and stroll around in the afternoon and, yes, I love people watching too.
    Thanks, Eileen. I am very much looking forward to it all. I've always had good times at Center Parcs.

  4. Have a fabulous time and all the best for the hospital appointment!

  5. Joy, it's lots of different spa experiences, all kinds of saunas, different temperatures, lots of aromatherapy smells and lights and music, plus a big pool and relaxation areas with comfy loungers. It's fabulous, we love it. The last time we went think it was £25 each (eek!) but all the saunas etc are included in the get 3 hours for that, I think. You wear a swimming costume and they provide you with a big fluffy white robe and towels. I'd thoroughly recommend it for sheer relaxation, if you can afford it. We felt wonderfully refreshed and relaxed every time we went.

  6. ALl of that is a bit of an unknown country for me. I've never used a spa in my life but it does sound lovely! Thanks.