Friday 22 June 2018


 Good morning, everyone.  The sky is blue, the sun is shining and my spirits are high.  Just like yesterday, in fact.

Yesterday turned out well.  Swimming and aqua was great: we had a new 'instructor' who was good.  She explained what each exercise was doing and how to get the most out of them and her routines were more rhythmic and simple to repeat, even under water.  I enjoyed it and felt I'd had a good workout.

After lunch I popped to the allotment.  I had intended to just water but ended up doing some weeding and hoeing as well.  Everything is growing nicely and we will have a couple of courgettes to pick next week.  The grass itself doesn't need mowing but the weeds in the grass certainly do!

Tuition was brilliant, great fun and by the time that was over I was ready to relax and rest.  All in all, a super day

Today I have an important meeting this morning and once that's over the day's my own.  I'll probably take the mower down to the allotment and will definitely do some watering before coming back again.

My holiday at Center Parcs was very much swim, walk, rest.  The outside views are much of a muchness really, lovely and green, fresh and natural.
 The view from my balcony, one way . . .

. . . and the other.
A lovely thing to wake up to each morning.

 Walking to the village centre.

 I love the old fashioned phone boxes scattered around.  

 Very posh accommodation - with a price to match.

You can just see where I will be in October - the Lakeview apartments.

It wouldn't be me if I didn't pop in a random flower photo!

Green is such a restful colour, I find.  It was a very relaxing break.


  1. Looks great, you made me look at it with different eyes, never dreamt of even looking at a Centre Park holiday

  2. Well, it's not usual to go as a 'one' but there's plenty to do and I'm not a 'go in a group' sort of person anyway. I like my creature comforts and I like being my own person so it's perfect. Oh, and maybe I've never mentioned (!) - I love swimming and there's swimming in abundance!
    For me, it makes a great holiday.

    (and it was so nice to not be the largest person there any more)

  3. THank you, Cheryl, that's so kind. x