Saturday 2 June 2018


Good morning, everyone.  After my muttering and grumbling yesterday, the sun did come out and the day turned out really very warm and sunny.  The skies are clear now and there are just little, wispy clouds in a few places so I expect today is also going to be beautiful.  Very cheering.

I'm glad I didn't go swimming yesterday because I was able to put in a good block of time at the allotment.  I dug over the soil for the baby corn and got that in.  I laid some more 'stepping stones' (not that that's hard to do but I forked over and cleared the weeds first), weeded generally, being very careful around the asparagus (still only three plants showing any sign of life but no worry, we can always put in more next year and it's there for the long term) and started weeding between the potato plants before trenching them, i.e. covering them with soil so they will produce more potatoes which, I gather, grow along the covered stems.  Goodness, it was hard work and my back gave up before I'd finished so I have a little bit more to do this morning before finishing off clearing the middle bed which will then be all ready for the courgettes, etc.

By the way, the back is fine this morning, I didn't do any damage.  I'm now just aching as anyone would after some heavy work!  No complaints!

When I came home, I chilled with some iced water - very refreshing - before taking in a parcel which turned out to be the other sungolds I ordered, much to my delight.  They were in a much better state than the first lot and I have high hopes that they will survive.

Dinner was lovely.  I promised my Dad I would make him steak in red wine sauce for Father's Day so wanted to practise making the sauce as I've never done it.  It was so simple and really delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed eating the results.  Very filling though and certainly not frugal!

The strawberries are ripening fast now.  I picked five earlier this morning to have with my muesli and there will be more this evening, I am sure.  They taste wonderful.

Today is another allotment day  It's starting to look good now and will soon look better when we get the baby plants out.  Last year's chard is now bolting so that needs to come out and more planted - it's very useful for a certain guinea pig I know (no, not mine, I'm not a pet person at all).
My task list is:
finishing the potatoes
forking over and weeding
picking rhubarb
I doubt I will get all that done - the mowing can wait, for example, but I'll do as much as possible.  The watering is essential!

Once home, I shall get stuff prepared for tomorrow when I have a friend coming round for the day, sort out some washing, get it dried and ironed and generally enjoy the day.  Meals out in the garden, hopefully, sitting in the shade and chilling.  What a life!

Better go and water my garden - it's going to need it!


  1. Have a lovely day chilling and there is one thing any job that doesn't get done will happily wait until you are ready

  2. That is very true, thanks, Diane. :-)

  3. Sound like it's a busy time down on the allotment but all the hard work is worth it with the lovely fresh fruit and veg you'll get. Have a lovely weekend. I hope the weather stays good for you!

  4. Thanks, Sharon. It will be worth it, definitely, and each year we work on it, the easier it will get.