Thursday 1 February 2018


Good morning, all.  It's c-c-cold this morning, although there's no frost (yet).  Yesterday we had some hail/sleet which was unexpected, just as the children came out of school. 
It always seems to happen like that - sunshine until about 3:00, then rain!

Yesterday was good.  I did the hospital trip, had a great time in school hearing little readers, tuition was fun and all went well.

Today I have a lot to do so I've made a list (and keep adding to it).
So far it says:
Report for leavers' book
St order for KJB
Garden - prune rosemary, start strawbs

And I bet there will be more before the day is out.
So I shall get started and see how much I can cross off the list before lunch.  Have a good day!


  1. My plan was to have a lazy day. I managed to succeed and accomplish all I had on my list, i.e. to have a lazy morning; have a lazy afternoon and then to relax and have an even lazier evening.
    I'm jesting, of course, but I've had a painful back and resting has really helped. And I did have food in the fridge which just needed re-heating for our meals today, so no work involved there. I did a little housekeeping later in the day - cleaning the shower room (just the loo and basin and windowsill today) and a machine load of washing, and filling the dishwasher. But that can hardly be called onerous, can it? Husband attended to the bins for collection tomorrow and I emptied the dead flowers and washed the vases, but mainly it was a nice, easy day. We need such days to re-charge our batteries; we run down just like our mobiles!
    As you say, it's been cold today, we enjoyed being indoors, nice and cosy.
    Margaret P

  2. Ouch - that's such a painful thing to have and affects everything you do. I'm so glad resting helped and I'm sure it was just what you needed, not only for your back but generally too.
    Take care|
    J x