Monday 26 February 2018


Well, here we are: new week and nearly a new month.  Time is flying right now and I wonder what the week will bring.  We all know the forecast so fingers crossed, eh?

Yesterday was as quiet and gentle as I expected.  Really nice and restful and spent with two of my favourite people, Mum and Dad.  I appreciate these times very much - I feel very fortunate to still have them both and want to make the most of the time we have.

I reworked that doll's cardigan and it worked, three cheers.  Now to adapt it to a V necked jumper so I can do it in school uniform colours.  Fun!

Today, real life picks up again.  This morning is general homey type stuff including washing and making a nice spicy lentil soup for lunch, then it's Knitter Knatter club followed by helping in FS and finishing off with tuition.  Busy but enjoyable.

Telly is good too.  Only Connect, which I absolutely love, followed by either Uni Challenge or Classic Mary Berry so thank goodness for iPlayer.  In the Bad Old Days, I'd have had to make a choice and having to choose caused a lot of arguments one way and another.  :-)

So - I look forward to an enjoyably busy day!  I hope yours is good too.  As I so often say - stay warm!

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