Saturday 3 February 2018


Good morning

I now have a nice clean house thanks to my lovely cleaner who comes each week and kindly makes no judgement on the state of the carpet in the living room (when I've been sewing or knitting or generally crafting).

Expressing gratitude seems to be a bloggy thing right now which is nice.  Being part of that happy throng, I thought I'd do the same so today I am grateful for aforementioned cleaner and also for a reliable car that gets me from a to b and back to a again without causing any problems.

Today will be fairly busy with bed changing, sheets, etc, and the forecast isn't good enough for me to place any reliance on being able to dry them outside.  I'm sure I will get some knitting fitted in there somewhere too which will be nice.

I've rather overslept: it's past seven o'clock (on a cold and frosty morning, past seven o'clock, good morrow masters all)!  so I'd better stop typing and get going.  May your day be good.


  1. Well done Joy be grateful you have hot water!!!!!!

  2. Hi there just to say that when I opened your blog today it suddenly flicked onto a message saying 'pornographic website adults only' or similar. Just wanted to make you aware that you may have a glitch!

  3. Diane: I guess that means you don't. Oh, dear . . . what a nuisance this all is for you.

    Sue: Thanks. I know that sometimes this happens and I've asked my computer expert friend and he has no idea what can be done. It is a right pain. The only good thing is that it's not consistent and I can go for weeks without any problems. Google don't seem to be at all interested in helping.

    J x