Friday 23 February 2018


Good morning, everyone.  There's a really heavy frost out there today so the heating is on and so are the dressing gown and slippers and, with a hot coffee at my side, I am cosy.  I'm glad I don't have to go out too early though.

My lovely cleaner came yesterday, for once, rather than today, and it was a two hour job so now the house is a clean and tidy and it ever is!  Before then I had done two loads of washing and because it was sunny and breezy (and cold!) both loads dried outside on the line.  It's all now ironed and the basket is empty which is a nice way to finish the week, isn't it?

Apart from that and the tuition, it was an easy going day and I enjoyed it.

Today is a bit more complicated.  Alex is home from uni again (it's a sort of 'do something different' week - in other words a grown up half term) and he's coming round this morning for brunch.  I won't be able to join him in that so I will have one of my apples!  Not quite the same, is it, but fried food is out and the diet info doesn't seem to look very kindly on processed meat like bacon or sausage quite apart from the effect it might have on the poorly gallbladder anyway!  That's life: at least I can enjoy the aroma and make myself some good coffee.  :-)

Have a good day, whatever you're doing.  Stay warm and enjoy the sparkling frost!


  1. Lots of rain here today is grey Tasmania.

  2. Coming out of summer and into autumn?
    J x

  3. Do you find that it's really worth while having a cleaner? I would worry about my previous things by someone who was used to just a 3-piece suite, a coffee table and a telly in a room, rather than glass, china, books, photos, pictures. Our items aren't valuable, but they are precious to us and I know their little 'ways', the things with loose handles and so forth. Is your cleaner careful with your own precious things? And what jobs can she accomplish within the 2-hour visit?
    Hope you are being good and sticking away from fried foods - don't upset that dickey gall bladder!
    My goodness, Joy, it's cold here. And we have high winds, too. I'm now going to our sitting room with a h.w.b. for my back, a shawl, and a cup of tea. Just like an old biddy, ha ha!
    Margaret P

  4. I don't know what happened there, but I meant to say "I would worry about all my precious things being broken by someone who was used to ..."
    Margaret P