Sunday 4 February 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Cold, isn't it?  Due to get colder, I gather and I just hope it doesn't snow, which would be most inconvenient!

I spent a few hours yesterday washing, frying and ironing and, for once there wasn't much to watch on the food channel.  I watched it anyway but wasn't 'engaging' with it.  Today's listings look more promising.

I spent most of the evening knitting, split between two projects.  The main 'body' of the little doll is now up, if not actually running and I'm making a little jumper as a starter for her clothes.  At least, within reason, I don't have to worry about getting the neck over her squishy head!
She has no face and no hair yet but you get the idea . . .

(posting because there's not a chance in a million little girl recipient will see it in here)

My happies today are a tumble dryer that makes short work of the wet sheets on horrible days and being able to knit fun little things for little people.  It gives me great pleasure.

Today will be another lazy day although I expect I will find stuff to do, don't we always?  But it's time to get out of bed, get dressed and sort out some coffee (not necessarily totally in that order).
Stay warm!


  1. Washing, frying and ironing? that a new idea!

  2. LOL - it was obviously the day for typos - there was on in t'other blog too!
    J x

  3. I will be interested to see how you tackle her hair. I have a similar doll ready to dress but I have tried to “grow” hair
    Twice and undone it twice so please share the technique when you've mastered it? Sue.

  4. It's in the pattern and it's a knitted 'cap'. It's like the Mary Christmas doll in her Christmas pattern book. I'll see if I can find a link to a picture.
    J x

  5. Here you go. Copy and paste this into your browser and then click on the Mrs Claus picture for a clearer view.
    J x

  6. Thank you so much for trying to do that for me.
    I didn't actually find a link though. Could you bear to try again?
    I love the shape of her eyes too.
    Now all I have to do if the link arrives is get mine out of her box
    and finish her.
    I also need to make some clothes. At present all she's wearing
    are pants that look like combinations they are so voluminous!