Wednesday 7 February 2018

The doll

As I've had a few queries, it is easier to post about it than rely on replies.

First of all, it is slightly adapted from a Jean Greenhowe pattern.  Here's the link to her site

The pattern is from the Christmas Special booklet and is from the Mrs Claus pattern.
Here she is.

I don't think anyone will mind me posting this photo as it's a big plug for her pattern books

I adapted it a bit - the shoes finish sooner, then I did some white for socks before turning to skin colour, and I knitted a band for the sock turnovers.  The body is white at the bottom (knickers) before going skin coloured again and all her other clothes will be removable.  I'm rather making them up as I go along at the moment!
(apologies for the bad light)

If you like knitting, her patterns are very clear, very good and most enjoyable to knit.

Here's a scan of the hair - not terribly good quality and it was over two pages!

I would recommend you get the booklet though - Amazon have copies and it's not that expensive for what you get.

Hope all this has helped.


  1. Thanks Joy you are a star.
    Please don't apologise for not finding my late comment.
    I will buy a pattern as it seems fair to do so.
    I'm sure the designer will be delighted by your promotion.

  2. :-) I hope so! Glad to have been of help.
    J x

  3. Oh great, many thanks for the link!
    Had a quick look on her website, love the novelty egg cups!!

  4. I don't know how you have the patience to do these fiddly little things

  5. Thank you so much Joy for details of knitted doll, I will look for the pattern.

    The instructions you have given are very helpful - cannot wait to start.

    Many thanks, Rosemary

  6. Annabeth: her patterns are so good. For decades she created them for a magazine - I think it was The People's Friend, and from those the books and booklets were made. I just love her patterns.

    Diane: Yes, they are fiddly but the results are so good!

    Rosemary: There are loads of them for sale on Amazon.

    J x