Wednesday 31 January 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Yesterday was a beautiful day round this way.  Lots of sunshine, not too chilly after a morning frost has thawed and no rain.  Today looks like being OK too, according to the Beeb.

As soon as I was ready yesterday, I whizzed off out to do some shopping.  First stop was Hobbycraft where I got what was on my list plus a few other little things that I didn't know I needed until I saw them (that's my excuse).

Then I went on to Wyvale and got my more expensive (and, hopefully, much harder wearing and long lasting) secateurs plus a couple of bottles of spiced ginger punch which were 70% reduced for my Dad, who loves it.  Last stop was Morrisons for a few bits and bobs of veg.

By the time I got home, it was almost lunch time and the washing I had put in earlier was done so that went out on the line as the sun was shining merrily.  I checked over my planning and did some knitting and some tuition before Beth came over after work.  No gardening though.  After dinner, we both settled down with our crafting - Beth with her quilt and me with my knitting and we had a companionable couple of hours before she went home.  Lovely!

Oh, and the washing just about dried, so that was good!

Today is fairly packed too.  School for a while this morning, then I am taking someone to hospital for an appointment and after that it's tuition.  The evening will be quiet and undemanding, I hope - just telly and ironing!

I noticed that Wyvale had seed potatoes in so Beth and I discussed what to get for the allotment.  We're neither of us very adventurous and quickly decided on Maris Piper and Charlottes.  We both like those.

Better get going - there's a lot to do before I go into school.  Have a super day and I hope the sun shines on you.

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