Wednesday 28 February 2018


Good morning, everyone.  At last we have had our share.  We have snow - and it is still falling with a forecast of more to come.  Brrr - it's so cold out there and it's not warm inside either, having been on overnight setting.  I've just turned the heating up so it should warm up pretty soon and in the meanwhile a nice coffee will help!

Yesterday was glorious sunshine, interspersed with heavy but very short snow showers.  It was an absolutely beautiful day but, obviously, so, so cold. 

The lovely Sharon didn't come.  Our appointment was an evening one and she was concerned about getting home, living as she does in the country and having to drive on icy, untreated, unlit roads.  She made another appt fort me this morning and for Beth tomorrow evening but whether she will be able to keep it, given the snow and the forecast, I don't know. 

So Beth and I had the evening to ourselves although she didn't stay too long as she was also worried about icy roads.  We had time for a good old catch up chat and both thoroughly enjoyed the good, old fashioned baked beans on toast with grated cheese.  It's one of our favourites!

Today is now shrouded in uncertainty.  I was going to watch FSs family assembly but that now depends on whether the school opens at the right time or delays opening until 10:00 and THAT depends on road conditions as a number of key staff live out in the sticks and have to negotiate untreated roads.  I'll keep my eye on the school web site.

Then it was Sharon, as already mentioned, and then school again pm to do reading with Y1 followed by tuition. 

So it could be a busy-ish day or it could be a fairly quiet day, all depending.  What I do know is that it will be a cold day!  So stay warm and be safe.


  1. Stay warm and cosy Joy. It's a snow day for us here, not that the school is shut, but Lily can't go in having been a bit poorly on Monday evening. Sledging I think, followed by beans and cheese for lunch! X

  2. ..sounds like a great deal is depending on the weather, Joy - do hope everyone will be safe and will be able to enjoy the snow, it sounds beautiful, but hazardous!
    We have pnly a little snow here, but arctic temperatures and wind - winter at last!
    Have a good day Joy and everyone!

  3. Poor Lily - I hope she recovers quickly. I'm sure sledging will help her recovery - great exercise.
    It is lovely, S, but rather inconvenient. :-)
    J x