Monday 12 February 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Thank you for all your kind messages yesterday.  I'm feeling much better this morning, ready to drive on to Cambridge later on as planned to enjoy a couple of days there doing Anglesea Abbey and Wimpole Hall.  I reckon the fresh (very fresh) air will do me good and as for any precipitation that may dare to fall, isn't that what brollies and boots are for?

I haven't done very much this weekend so am more than ready to get out and about.

Although it's been jolly cold, we only had one short spell of snow yesterday, so light as to be hardly worth the name 'shower' and there doesn't seem to me any more on the way so that ought to work out quite well.

When I get to my destination, I plan to unpack, take a little stroll around (not that it's anywhere worth strolling around really) and then settle in to read one of the magazines I have bought specially for this week before dining very carefully at the attached eating place.  Then it is ho for an evening of telly, planning for the next day and an early night.  So exciting!!!

Have a lovely day, everyone, and stay warm.


  1. This all sounds lovely - glad the weather is going to co-operate at least a little bit and that you are feeling so much better.
    Have a wonderful day and a safe drive.
    Love, S. xxx

  2. Good drive, nice view from room as long as you ignore the A14! I'm all settled and unpacked.
    J x