Thursday 22 February 2018


Good morning, everyone.

Yesterday was lovely.  After a quick visit to Morrisons and some home pottering, I set out for J's house where we had lunch and a really good catch up chat.  She had made tuna salad, which I could have with a reasonably clear conscience, and it was very tasty.  We talked about this, that and the other without stopping.  I've known J for many years now.  In fact, the first time I met her was at the photocopier at school as she waited to go in for her interview and I had just started there and was doing two terms of maternity cover.  I made a few 'good luck' comments before whizzing back to class to relieve the TA.

After I got home, tuition also went really well and I felt I had made a significant difference to the student's learning and understanding - always a great feeling.

So I went to bed feeling satisfied, if you know what I mean.

Today is not quite so busy but there's still plenty to do.  I have some washing (which will probably have to be dried indoors), the cleaner is coming a day earlier so I need to get the place ready for her ministrations, I have some planning to do and I need to check my bank balance online and make sure my spending and saving records are all up to date.

I used to get paid each month on or before the 26th which was very handy if things were a bit tight at the end of the month.  It saved me umming and ahing about transferring a bit over from savings.  I was always very strict about not actually dipping into the next month's money but didn't want to worry about perhaps going slightly overdrawn.
Now, my teacher's pension lands in my account on or before the 23rd, which is equally useful in terms of not needing to worry.
As my dad says, it's all numbers on a slate really but it works well for me.

It's getting jolly cold again, isn't it?  There was a fairly stiff breeze yesterday afternoon which didn't help, and I turned the heating up come the evening.  I think I'm getting soft in my old age!

Well, better stop waffling on and start on the chores.  Have a great day, everyone, and stay warm.


  1. I don't know how accurate it is but feeling cold rmay have more to do with your weight loss than your age.
    Think of the layers of fat that sea going mammals need to survive.
    If so turn the heat up and rejoice!

  2. That's a point, thanks. I hadn't considered that but you could well be right. How nice.
    J x

  3. I seem to feel the cold more lately. I've decided it's because I'm not moving around as much, because of my knee problems. My morning walks used to get my circulation going and set me up for the day.

  4. cold weather is good for diets as you need more calories to keep warm. Not that I would recommend stripping off and freezing. I too have been feeling the cold more than usual but in my circumstances, I don't think that is unusual

  5. Thanks, ladies. Well, the cold isn't going to go away according to the forecast so I'd better just accept the heating goes up! :-)
    J x