Sunday 25 February 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Yes, it's cold, but wasn't yesterday a glorious day?  So fresh and clear and sunny, it was the sort of day that just lifted my spirits and made me smile.  Inside was so warm as the bright sun shone through the glass.  Glorious!
And today is expected to be the same.

As expected, it was a quiet day yesterday.  I did a bit of early morning shopping, cooked meals, washed, dried, ironed and put away and then knitted.  I'm still making clothes for little knitted doll and I was attempting a raglan V necked cardigan (knitters will know what I mean here).  I worked out the pattern for the back and the two front sides absolutely fine but made a right mess of the shaping of the sleeves.  If her shoulders had been where her ears ought to be, then it would have been the right shape!  So I set to with pencil and paper and wrote it all down (which is what I should have done first time) and I think my second bash is working out much better.  I must show you photos soon.

I had to smile.  I was reading the weather forecasts and, of course, there are weather warnings out for the expected snow.  Down at the bottom of the article, there was a reminder to check on 'the over 65s' to make sure they (we) are OK and managing.  I really think that needs changing.  After all, people are now expected to be fit and able enough to work until they are 66 and 2 months!  I will just be checking that my parents are OK but I know they will be - but one must make sure.

Goodness, it is nearly 7:15.  I slept rather longer this morning so everything is correspondingly later too.  I have to say, I am sleeping jolly well on this liver shrinking diet and not waking feeling hungry.
Better go and get the day started.  I hope your Sunday is good and that you can stay safe and warm.


  1. It’s so hot here I’m longing for autumn.

  2. I'm so glad that your liver shrinking diet has some good points, i.e. you sleeping well.
    It sounds gruesome and also difficult to stick too.
    I'd say it's even more difficult than my GF one.
    I was really delighted to hear how much university is drawing Alex out.
    Well done Alex and Beth and you for giving him such a secure home to launch from.
    Finally we’ll done for winning Sue's wartime book.
    I'm looking forward to hearing about some of the recipies in due course.