Thursday 15 February 2018


Morning, everyone.

Well, yesterday wasn't as successful as Tuesday.  It started off well with a stop off at Burwash Manor where I noseyed round the shops and bought a couple of things and some pretty fabric for (probably) a summer skirt.  However, that was a bit of a mistake because by the time I got to Wimpole Hall fifteen minutes further down the road, the somewhat limited car park was chokka-full.  At the moment, their overflow car park is closed and several areas of the main car park were also cordoned off and you could see why.  I truly wouldn't fancy trying to get my car out of the mud - actually, I wouldn't like to try getting myself out of my car through the mud either.

After driving round and round with more cars arriving and none leaving, I decided to give up, came back, had a little drive around Cambridge (some lovely old buildings) and then went back to my room to chill.  Actually, it worked well for me as I had rotten backache and then it started raining a bit so I reckon I was in the best place.

I'd brought magazines and hadn't read any of them as well as having my knitting, so it was nice and cosy with plenty of coffee and with healthy fruit and natural yogurt for lunch.

If  I leave the hotel straight after breakfast I could take a detour and go to Wimpole this morning but at the moment I just want to get home really.  This isn't a pity party, it's just how it is.  I will definitely come back again though, once everything has settled down again. 

See you all back home again!


  1. I know this will be too late for you to see but still, have a good journey home, hopefully the skies will be kind to you.

  2. Thanks, Annabeth. It was an amazingly good journey home. No problems on the M11 and an easy ride on the A120 and B1008 into Chelmsford. I was home just after 10 and am about to pop some washing out on the line.
    So glad to be home and many thanks to S for looking out for things here.
    J x

  3. Joy, when I had the gall bladder problem Buscopan was the only meds that really helped. Its worth giving it a go if you havent tried it off yet. I've enjoyed your trip with you by reading here! I'm sure its just been so nice to get out and have a change of routine from the usual.