Friday 2 February 2018


Good morning and brrrr - still chilly out there and it looks damp too.  No frost or ice so it can't be freezing but it must be close.  We had sleet yesterday evening sao maybe other places have had snow.

I worked steadily through my list of Things To Do (to which more was added after I'd signed off in here) and got just about everything done apart from stuff that is ongoing.  It feels good to see the crossings off on the list.

I even managed to get into the garden and tackled the dreadfully overgrown rosemary bush.  I have no idea whether it is the right time to cut it back and I know I won't get many of those beautiful little Mary-blue flowers this year now but it was blocking a pathway and driving me a bit bonkers. 
Just one annoying thing - if I forget to put the brown bin out very early, by the time I remember, they have been and gone, but this week I put the brown bin out on Wednesday evening because it was chock-a-block full and I need the space and when did they collect?  Not until late afternoon! 
So the considerable rosemary trimmings are sitting in a pile in the garden and I will load them all in this morning, weather permitting.  It seems a shame to waste them but I have far more than I could possibly use and it keeps giving all year so no point freezing any either.

Because I was very industrious yesterday, there's now an awful lot to do today really.  I need to give downstairs a quick tidy before the cleaner comes, especially 'my' corner which has balls and bits of yarn scattered around like giant confetti but that won't take too long.  I think a nice, lazy day is top of the list.

Now I need my first coffee - definitely 'need' is the right word here, so I will say goodbye and have a lovely day, whatever you have planned!


  1. a "lazy " day sounds about perfect after having such a productive busy one. I like to have a few busy days then a few lazier ones just to get my energy back!

  2. Good for you! Even if I end up being busy, it is nice that I can have that choice. It's the best part of retirement and I really do appreciate it and don't take it for granted.
    J x

  3. Rosemary bushes do tend to get out of hand. I have several dotted around the garden in various stages of growth some old and should be removed some young and not really robust enough to pick much.

  4. This one really should be removed, it's so old and gnarled at the bottom but it has character! :-)
    J x