Wednesday 7 February 2018


Brrrr - we've had a little bit of snow and it looks so bleak and cold out there so today I am grateful for good double glazing that lets the views in but keeps the cold out (and the warm in).

The biggies yesterday were the  'International Song Contest' at school (brilliant, absolutely fantastic, I wished I didn't have to choose winners) and the hospital appt.

Yes, I have to have my gallbladder removed.  Ho hum.  He said mid March to early April and he wants me to lose 10% of body weight.  Not a chance, thought I (but didn't say!), but I have to go on a 'liver shrinking diet' for three weeks before the op and, yes, looking at what I found on the Internet about this diet, I may just possibly get close to it.  :-) 
Diane will know this already, I am sure, but it's to reduce the glycogen stores in the liver, making it smaller and easier to 'avoid' when they're chopping the rest of me about!  Low calorie (of course), low carb, low fat, no alcohol, high(er) protein.  Actually, not too different to what I am already doing really, apart from the carbs and the calories are lower so portions will be smaller - between 800 and 1000 a day. 

Oh, well, it's all in a good cause, isn't it?

Actually, if I didn't want to follow the food plan, I could follow the milk plan ( semi-skimmed, soya or almond milk and multi-vitamins) or the meal replacement shake plan (slimfast and the like).  No way, not a chance in a million!!!  I could manage a few days if I really, really had to but not three weeks.  Eeek.

Mind you, he (the consultant) told me to contact his secretary about sending me 'his' liver shrinking diet, so goodness knows what that will entail.

Today, weather permitting, I intend going into town.  I have bits and bobs to get and some money to deposit (very nice too).  Later on, I'm reading with Y1 and then it's tuition.  Beth was supposed to be coming round for dinner but can't make it which is sad but it gives me an evening to catch up with my ironing.

Well, if I am to get into town by nine before the crowds, I'd better get moving.  Stay warm, everyone.


  1. So sorry to hear that you will need an op but at least the uncertainty is now taken away.
    By then hopefully the weather will be warmer and you'll be able to sit in the garden or
    by a sunshiny window and do some craft work without any guilt! ( well we can always
    dream that there will be balmy days by then).
    Can I ask a favour.
    The link to the doll's hair didn't appear in your previous reply to me.
    Could you possibly resend it please?
    I asked in a reply the other day but then wondered if you picked up replies that were over a bay late.
    If you do apologies, I don't want to appear impatient! Sue

  2. Yes, it helps to know, I think. Better than an if, but or maybe.
    Lhe link was only a picture, not a pattern, but I could send you a scan of the pattern, if you like. I think one small scan is within the rules.
    I didn't see your reply - must find the button that notifies me of replies, mustn't I? So sorry.
    J x

  3. Sorry you have to have an op but at least it's a way forward. Best wishes for the preparatory diet, thankfully you've already got a pretty good idea of what suits and hopefully it'll also help to reduce any pains.

  4. Is the doll pattern available online or is it your own design?

  5. It's a Jean Greenhowe pattern and is commercially available as a 'Mother Christmas' pattern in one of her Christmas collections. I just adapted it a bit.
    I'll write about it in tomorrow's entry
    Yes, the more I think about it, the more I realise it really isn't a hundred miles away from what I am doing now so won't require much new thinking, just a fair bit more self control.
    J x

  6. Poor you, needing the op. The liver shrinking diet doesn't sound like much fun but I'm sure if anyone can make it work you can!