Friday 16 February 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It is so good to be home again that I care not what the weather is doing.  Mind you, yesterday turned out quite nice and I got two small loads of washing line dried in the wind and sun.  It was the nicest day we have had all week.

It could have been a pleasant week away but wasn't, mainly because of the gall stones.  It might have been my unwise choice on Monday evening which certainly didn't help, but it had already started at Mum and Dad's over the weekend and just continued. 

A bit of a shame but never mind, I am home now and there were some good bits!  Anglesea Abbey was lovely and I enjoyed the shops at Burwash Manor:  I'll definitely be going back to both when the op is over and done with.  It wasn't the fault of Premier Inn that I didn't feel well enough so I shall be going back there too.  The food looked great and the room was very comfy.

The journey home was all I could have asked for.  Easy onto the A14, easy onto the M11, easy on to the A120 and a delightful drive on the back roads into Chelmsford which brought me into the back of my road.  Sunny, light on traffic and took about an hour because it was mostly fast roads.

Eventually I cracked and went to the pharmacy yesterday afternoon to see if they had anything stronger than the usual stuff, coming home with co-codamol and dire warnings about addictiveness.  I shall be very careful and maybe just have it now and again when the ouchiness gets a bit too much for the usual stuff.  There's no use troubling my GP with an op on the horizon, still on schedule for mid March although I don't have the date yet.  What I do have is the liver shrinking diet that I have to do for three weeks before the op so I should get the date soon and then there will be light at the end of the tunnel.  I have had a good old rant about the diet on The Frugal Factor so I'll keep this blog rant-clean!

Today (and for the weekend) I am taking things easy.  I'm tired, uncomfortable again (but had a good night's sleep under the influence of co-codamol) and there's things I want to catch up on via iPlayer and the like anyway.  There's a bit of ironing to do and sheets to change but I'll see how the innards feel.  I have a bit of planning to do but can get on top of next week's work reasonably quickly.

Hoping we all have a good day and tomorrow I am determined to be more cheerful!  :-)


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  2. I'd never heard of a liver-shrinking diet, Joy. Mind you, my gall bladder surgery was something of an emergency, it had to come out then and there. I hope you manage with Buscopan and co-codamol until mid-March. Not long to go now. Don't worry about trying to be more cheerful - it's not easy when you are in pain and feeling really ill.
    Margaret P

  3. It will, Rachel, it's the light in the tunnel that there's not long to go.

    I'm sure the meds will help, Margaret, and I can always speak to my GP, if not. This morning there's just a little ache, perfectly bearable and easily ignores, so that's good!

    Thank you, both.
    J x