Tuesday 27 February 2018


Good morning.  Has the beast pounced where you are?  Not much snow here, just a sprinkling that barely covers the flower beds so I think the children will be disappointed.  Me - not so much.  :-)

I left Mum and Dad's straight after breakfast yesterday as I didn't want to get caught in any snow.  I went through a couple of snow showers on the way but it was a good journey
Once home, the washing went on (but not out, it was far too cold) and off I went to school for a very pleasant afternoon.  In fact, the rest of the day was really nice.  A bit of snow but nothing to cause any worries.  I popped into Morrisons for a bit of fresh stuff but, really, I have so much in, I could manage through a long blizzard.

One other thing I did was to get the little used snow shovel out of the garage and propped it up against the back door.  Just in case, you know!  It can stay there through this week.

Today is a staying in day.  I'm making some wholemeal bread and later on the lovely Sharon should be coming to work her usual magic on my hair.  Beth's coming round after work too so I'm looking forward to a lovely day!

I hope yours is as pleasant.


  1. No snow here yet, although we have some forecast for later on in the week. We have no need to go shopping either, enough supplies in to last us some time.

  2. We rarely get much here, it's very sheltered in lots of ways.
    J x