Sunday 21 January 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's still chilly, still wet, yesterday was horrible with rain and sleet all day and I gather today is expected to be worse with really heavy rain and maybe snow for a short time.  We're too far south for any of it to lie but I'm glad I don't have to go out in it today.

I did go back to sleep yesterday and didn't wake again until nearly eight o'clock.  That's middle of the day for me!!  It was nice once in a while but it did unsettle my routine which is based on an early rising, of course.  Once in a while is a treat though.

I got all the washing, drying AND ironing done which I'm pleased about.  It's a pain to have washing hanging around and it was damp enough outside without being damp inside too so I was lavish and used the tumble dryer.  There's a time and a place, after all!

And I booked a mini-break for myself after checking the house sitter could help out.  It's nothing lavish, just a Monday to Thursday stay in a Premier Inn north of Cambridge.  There will be two full days there and I though that one day I could visit Anglesea Abbey and the lode mill and the other day I could go in the opposite direction and start off at Burwash Manor (which is a sort of farm centre with lots of independent little shops) and then go on to Wimpole Hall.  I could go into Cambridge, maybe, I'll have to see what the transport links are like and whether there's a convenient Park and Ride.  Do any of my readers know?

Both Wimpole Hall and Anglesea Abbey are National Trust places so I will make sure I have my card with me!

I know people mock Premier Inns but the few times I have stayed in one, I have been extremely comfortable.  The rooms are warm and very clean, the beds are extremely comfortable, there's wi-fi and a big wall mounted telly and enough room to swing a cat.  The breakfasts are brilliant and there's an evening meal in an attached eating place, if wanted (it will be). 
I have booked a double bedroom and it wasn't too expensive either

I am still looking to have a spoil myself week either in the Warner's hotel in Nottinghamshire or at Centre Parcs later on in the year but this will do nicely for now.  I'm getting the official scan results the week before so there's no way I will have any operation (if I need to have an operation and I may not) for the following week or so; it will be a much longer wait than that as it is no way any kind of emergency.

It's just three weeks before I go so I can start the planning that is a huge part of the fun and games!

As for today, I won't be going out if the forecasted weather materialises, I will be staying indoors and pottering around happily.  There's not an awful lot to do so I will get on with my knitting and reading.  What a hard life!


  1. Good idea, your mini break. Wasn't it Cambridge who introduced the first park & ride? Anyway, I believe there are several park & ride sites around Cambridge so it should be ideal for you. Just google Cambridge park & ride and there's loads of information.

  2. I will, thanks, Annabeth. It's time I christen my bus pass anyway! :-)

    J x