Tuesday 16 January 2018


Good morning, everyone.  A really early start for me today, so early that the dishwasher is still on and I can't empty it yet.  I might go back for another little snooze later on.  It's supposed to be turning a lot colder and more wintry today.  Well, we will see.

I got home safely yesterday after missing one turning on the new section of my route but, thankfully, I'd prepared for that and knew if I carried on there was another turning.  It wasn't a particularly nice drive: it was very wet with lots of spray from tyres.  Everyone seemed to be going carefully though, except for an idiot who overtook me as I was doing 30 in a village.  You do get some foolish driving at times.

It's always nice to be home and this time was no exception.  I got some washing in, unloaded the dishwasher and got stuck in to a nice hot cuppa coffee before watching the two 'Return to River Cottage' programmes for the day.  Must check the times for today.  One of yesterday's was the one when he sells his tomato produces at a local farmers' market under the name 'River Cottage Glutton'.  I have to say, his recipes looked absolutely delicious and I wonder if they are online.

Today looks like being more of the same; very little scheduled until late afternoon and then it's tuition x 2 followed by Beth coming round for dinner and a chat.  I need to do a little bit of shopping, washing and ironing (it's sheet changing day) and there's the ever-present planning but it should be a very pleasant day indeed.

I hope yours is as nice.

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