Monday 22 January 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's significantly warmer today.  I always wake before the heating comes on and there's a big difference between yesterday morning and today.

Yesterday was nasty - heavy wet snow in the morning and lashing rain in the afternoon.  Definitely not a day to have to be out and about and the few people who walked past walking their dogs looked thoroughly miserable.  Today is supposed to be better so fingers crossed.

Today I am off to the newly formed Knitter Knatter club at school.  Longer term readers may remember that I helped out last year too.  It's a club for Y6s to learn how to knit basically and just lasts one term.  I couldn't go last week which was the first week and that was a shame because I gather it was more than a bit hairy!  Today will be interesting!

Then it's home to prepare for tuition.  I've done the planning for today so I will get on with tomorrow's planning.  I do like to keep ahead, if I can, just in case something happens to prevent me from planning.  You really cannot do a one to one hour without any planning!

Time to get going so I'll say goodbye.  Have a great day and I hope the weather is kind to you, wherever you are.

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