Saturday 27 January 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It feels chilly this morning and, for the first time in days, I shivered as I came down stairs although there is no frost.  The heating is now up!  I gather the morning is likely to be quite pleasant but the afternoon may turn wet and all day will feel chilly.

Yesterday turned out quite industrious.  It was lovely to hang the washing outside in the winter sun, even if it wasn't dry by the end of the day and the sun tempted me out into the garden where I started dealing with last year's debris.  You can now see the snowdrops in the middle bed and very pretty they are too, hence the new heading photo.  A little bit done every day should soon see things ship shape and bristol fashion again, ready for the new growing season and it will certainly be a much more pleasant view again..

(Note to self - remember to put the brown bin out next Thursday!)

Today I intend to pop into town, not because there's anything major I want or need to get but just because I haven't been in for ages and would quite like to look round some of the big shops:  John Lewis and M&S come to mind, not to mention Debenhams, while Lakeland is always worth a visit too.  I might splash out on some fresh eggs from one of the market stalls too, if they are not too dear.

Then I will do my bit in the back garden - I think today I will sort out the herb and foliage bed and clear the containers - before coming indoors and chilling (or warming) for the rest of the day.  Oh, and I might get the leaf hoover going and clear a few corners of their leaf collections too while things seem pretty dry before coming in.

The first coffee is going down a treat, the kitchen is tidy but the dishwasher needs attention so I'd better go and deal with it at some point after I have sorted out the menu plans for the day.
Have a lovely day and, Diane, continue to get well and I hope you will be back to 100% soon. 


  1. You did have a busy day yesterday. It feels good to get stuff done doesn't it? I would love to be able to put the washing out on the line. It was a beautiful day here but the sun is so low on the garden that without a breeze it wouldn't be worthwhile.
    Enjoy your trip into town and exercise caution in Lakeland - so much temptation! X

  2. Sometimes you just need to hit the proper shops for a bit of therapy!

    Love the new banner, our snowdrops have only just emerged from the ground, no flowers yet. But, would you believe, a pot of osteospermum has been flowering since before Christmas!!!

  3. There was a LOT of temptation but I was very good and didn't spend an awful lot./ Could have spent a lottery win in Lakeland though!
    Annabeth, is the osteospermum in a very sheltered place? How off that it is out when the snowdrops aren't. My garden is quite sheltered and the South East tends to be milder.
    J x

  4. Love your snowdrops, hope mine will grow as tall!

  5. I thinned them out last year so there aren't so many but they have grown tall. Maybe it's because they were struggling to the light with all the other junk there was in that bed! :-)
    J x

  6. Hi Joy, the osteospermum is in a pot on the patio, it is sheltered from the East and NorthEast winds. The snowdrops are in the ground in the open and I live on top of the Southdowns and there is an old windmill nearby so quite exposed. It could also be that the snowdrops are a variety that blooms a bit later. They are coming into bud now.